Mendenhall Glacier - Hole
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Photo Challenge: Details

In this week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post, participants were presented with the challenge to look past the big picture and focus in on the “Details“. If you are a regular reader here at Life According to Jamie, you’ll know that I recently came back from a 12 day trip in Alaska. If you didn’t know, now you know! For this week’s challenge, I chose a photo from my trip to Mendenhall Glacier.

After taking a helicopter to the glacier, we were able to walk around the glacier where I took the amazing opportunity to take lots of pictures and video. As you walk around there are some cracks and small holes on the top layer of ice. I took pictures of a few of these such as this one:

Mendenhall Glacier - Hole

Glaciers are big and the Mendenhall Glacier is no exception. I mean, I don’t know how big your average glacier is – I’m not an expert – and I’m sure with global warming they are not as big as they used to be/should be. However, Mendenhall Glacier is at least big enough to land a few helicopters and to be able to walk and jump around on. Many of us have seen pictures of glaciers and have an idea of what they look like, but this photo gives you an up close look at what I was walking on and what was literally under my feet! The photo challenge spoke about forgetting the big picture for a moment and zooming in on the details – this is definitely a detailed shot of a glacier! I couldn’t bring you any closer to that ice if I tried.

Side Note: I did a quick Google search and found out that Mendenhall Glacier is about 220 ft. deep along the present ice terminus and that since 1958, the glacier has retreated 1.75 miles. Scary!

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