Photo Challenge: Local

Happy Friday! This past week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post was “Local“. I originally had another photo in mind but at the last minute changed my mind and chose a picture I took from back in August. In August, I met up with an old friend of mine to catch up. We decided to head out to a town nearby – actually the town I went to college – and a lot of us used to hang out there a lot because there are a ton of restaurants and bars and so on. We went to a bar we used to love to see if it was the same and it was exactly the same. They have a great outdoor area in the back with a really nice bar, twinkle lights, and on some nights live music. It’s a small outdoor area so the live music isn’t a loud band or anything but more of the jazz quartet variety usually.

Anyway, my picture is not from that place. After we chatted and drank our mango mojitos we were a little hungry so we went down the street to see what we were in the mood for. There were a few fairly new food places and we saw a new small Mexican place across the street. And I mean small – no seating inside the place but they do have a seating area out back with picnic tables and strings of lights. The place is called Tacoria and the subtitle is actually “Mexican Street Kitchen” so that should give you an ever better idea of the kind of place it is.


I got nachos for my late night snack. We enjoyed chatting and eating at this new local spot in a fun outdoor eating area!

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