Rambler Rose Arbor

Photo Challenge: Curve

I can’t believe it’s already Friday! I’ve been on summer break for a whole work week now. This past week’s photo challenge was “Curve” and I knew I wanted to use a picture from my day trip last weekend to Longwood GardensΒ a beautiful, large estate or piece of land filled with different gardens. I plan to write all about it and make a video showcasing my visit there as well as write up a restaurant review on their fine dining restaurant. Unfortunately, that won’t be until after I get back from my upcoming vacation. Except the restaurant review. That will be up next week! But until then, I have one picture to share in the form of my photo response.

I had a few different pictures that I could’ve used for “Curve”, but I chose this one because it shows off curves, is filled with beautiful flowers, has the gorgeous summer sunlight streaming through, and gives a little teaser to the rest of the gardens.

Rambler Rose Arbor

This picture was taken in a little courtyard area. The courtyard was almost completely surrounded by these fabulous rambler rose arbors. I actually have a few more photos where you can see the rows of arbors, but like I said above, I chose this one because it’s a more up-close shot of the curves and it gives you a taste of how beautiful it was there without giving it all away. You’re just going to have to come back to the blog to see more photos and my video!

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