State Fair - Ride

Photo Challenge: Corner

For last week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post, “Corner“, I wanted to do something different than a street corner. Well, that and I also didn’t have the time or energy this week to look for a unique street corner photo in my archives. I decided to go with this shot I took of a ride at the New Jersey State Fair last year.

State Fair - Ride

Have you gone on this kind of ride? I don’t remember what they called it at the state fair, but I remember riding on the same kind of ride on the boardwalk at the beach when I was young and it being called something like “The Mousetrap”. It wasn’t called that at the fair, but the basics of the ride hasn’t changed from when I was a kid. You sit in a little cart and it basically just goes on the track with very little dips but sharp turns. It takes the corners very sharply and abruptly. It always causes laughs because you’re never expecting it to turn so quickly around the corner, out of nowhere!

And is it’s Friday, I hope you turn the corner to a good weekend awaiting!

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