NJ State Fair - Ferris Wheel View

YouTube: An Evening at the State Fair

This post has been a long time coming since I went to the State Fair back in June! But better late than never, right? Back at the end of June, the annual state fair took place at the Meadowlands. For those unfamiliar with the area, the Meadowlands is the name of the area which includes MetLife Stadium or what used to be Giants Stadium (where the NY Giants and NY Jets play). Also, if you’re not familiar with the area – yes these are “New York” teams but the stadium these teams play at are in my home state of New Jersey.

I’d never been to the state fair and when I saw an ad online back in May reminding me that it was coming up, I knew I really wanted to try to go this year. For a brief moment I wasn’t sure I’d be able to go because the weather report wasn’t looking too great, but luckily the rain subsided and it ended up being a beautiful evening.

NJ State Fair
NJ State Fair - Ferris Wheel

NJ State Fair - City View
You can see New York City in the distance from the ferris wheel

NJ State Fair - Ferris Wheel View
NJ State Fair - Night time

We got really lucky with really comfortable summer weather and short lines for the rides. One of the rides, which you can get a glimpse of in my video posted below, was super crazy spinny (I don’t remember the name of the ride) but it made me feel so sick and dizzy. Normally, I have no problems at all with rides but this one made me feel all discombobulated afterwards.

I know a lot of people are uneasy about carnival/fair rides wondering how safe they are since they get taken down after a few days to travel to their next stop and reconstructed again. I totally get that, but of course I still went on the rides and let me tell you that safety question is no joke as I experienced myself! On one of the rides,  you are inside a metal cage pretty much and I smacked my head against it on the ride. The metal bars are just inches from your face and on the first flip/turn that my car made my forehead slammed into the bars so for the rest of the ride I was using my arms to brace myself and stay in place. On another ride, you lay on your stomach and the ride spins around so you feel like you’re flying. When I crawled onto the little board with my friend beside me, I grabbed onto the handle bars and I turned to her and went, “Uh what keeps us from flying off???”  – because there were no straps or bars that hold us into place! Apparently nothing! All there was was a little bar in between your legs about 1/2 a foot down so basically if I let go the only thing that would stop me from flying off is my crotch hitting that bar.

Despite the questionable safety of the rides, my friend and I had a really good time at the fair! I hope you enjoy the video. Don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss a video 🙂

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