Blue & White Lace Trim Tee
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Lace Trim Tee

I’ve mentioned it on here before, but I’m one of those people who, on occasion, will buy the same piece of clothing in more than one color or print if I really like it. Such is the case with this lace trim tee from Kohl’s. Lightweight for summer, pretty print, and a fun lace trim at the hem – of course I had to get the blue & white and black & white in this tee.

Blue & White Lace Trim Tee
Blue & White Lace Trim Tee 1
Blue & White Lace Trim Tee 2
Black & White Lace Trim Tee

I’m wearing the black & white version today and I love it just as much as the blue & white one. The frayed edges to the lace trim gives a edgier effect to the tee rather than prim which is often associated with lace trim and makes the look stand out more.

Do you like to buy the same piece in multiple colors?

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