Palm Print Front Tie Romper
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Palm Print Front Tie Romper

Summer is winding down, but I still have a few summer looks to share. This white front tie romper has the prettiest palm or tropical print. I love the light colors for a fresh look. I took these photos before I left for vacation so they are a few weeks old, but it’s a look that I can still wear while the weather is warm…and on a day I’m not at work. The straps come in towards the neck like a halter style and tie through the loops of the back. This romper is perfect for those hot days or for a beach day since there is the opening in the back.

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Romper: Red Dress Boutique | Sandals: Old Navy | Sunglasses: Express

The front tie detail is essential to this romper, in my opinion, to cinch the waist. There are also pockets which makes this romper even better.

On a side note – when I took these photos in the back of my townhouse – I was in the grass for a total of maybe 5 minutes and my legs and arms got absolutely attacked by mosquitos. I seriously came inside the house because I started itching and found 8 bites! And if you know me, you know that my mosquito bites swell up so it was not pretty. The things we do for photos.

Anyway, I think this romper can be a great transition piece for fall too – as long as it’s not too cold to show off your legs. Pair this romper with a jewel toned sweater or one in the berry family and it would be great for early fall!

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