Grey Eyelash OTS Sweater
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Grey Eyelash OTS Sweater

You all know my love for off-the-shoulder, OTS, sweaters and soft, cozy materials. Eyelash sweaters are one of those cozy materials and thankfully rarely itchy. Over the weekend, I wore this grey eyelash OTS sweater with black leggings. I also love sweaters that are long enough to wear with leggings, obviously!

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Grey Eyelash OTS Sweater 15

Sweater: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s | Leggings: J.Crew | Boots: UGG | Earrings: Red Dress Boutique

Like many off-the-shoulder sweaters, you could wear this is as cowl-neck but it might be a little uncomfortable because there is a little bit of elastic on each shoulder. I was fine wearing it off-the-shoulder since I was indoors most of the day and I didn’t feel cold at all in the sweater.

I paired the sweater with light purple tassel earrings which have been on the blog before (here). If you follow my Instagram stories then you might’ve seen over the weekend when I wore this sweater that I had originally planned to wear this sweater with delicate medium sized silver hoop earrings. They were new from Francesca’s. Well, new in the sense that I’ve never worn them and they were still in the packaging, but I bought them in December when I was Christmas shopping. Well, when I was taking them off the plastic label, one of the hoops broke! It was a total bummer because I was really looking forward to wearing the earrings and they were the perfect size and had the cutest, simple design. Alas, I couldn’t wear them and I don’t think they can be repaired. So I went with the tassel earrings. It’s nice to wear a bit of a statement earring with OTS sweaters and the light purple goes really nicely against the grey. The label on this sweater actually said “grey violet” and while I don’t really see any purple hues in this sweater I think the purple earrings were a nice pairing.

Have a great Wednesday! I’m supposed to be getting out of work early today due to an impending snow storm. I’ll let you guys know tomorrow if the snow showed up or not!

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