Floral Smocked Babydoll Dress
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Floral Smocked Babydoll Dress

Before I get into the details of this floral smocked babydoll dress, I have to give you some background on what I went through to be able to wear it. I bought this dress back in the spring to wear this summer and a few weeks ago I finally took it out to wear. What I didn’t notice until I took it out to wash before wearing is that the security tag was still on! Now this has happened to me a few times before from the same store, but I usually catch it within a day so it’s not a big deal to go back and get it taken off. However, I bought this dress back in the spring so I didn’t have the receipt anymore and I was afraid that if I brought it to the store without a receipt they wouldn’t believe me and they’d take the dress away! I’m not sure if that’s a reasonable concern or not, but I was concerned nonetheless.

I had to figure out a way to get this security tag off without ruining the dress, so of course I went straight to YouTube and found a ton of videos. Some looked too complicated or too ridiculous, but I found a bunch that used a lighter. It sounds crazy but the videos made it look simple and quick – just what I was looking for. I followed this video and it worked like a charm! The security tag was off completely within 1-2 minutes and my dress was saved!

Now, onto the dress itself. I love the floral print, color combination and smocked detailing on top.

Floral Smocked Babydoll Dress
Floral Smocked Babydoll Dress 1
Floral Smocked Babydoll Dress 2
Floral Smocked Babydoll Dress 3
Floral Smocked Babydoll Dress 4
Floral Smocked Babydoll Dress 5
Floral Smocked Babydoll Dress 6
Dress: Vera Wang via Kohl’s | Sandals: Target

There are two horizontal seams in the body of the dress that breaks up the print a bit and gives the dress a little more structure. The smocked top of the dress is such a summery detail and well-loved by me. I’m thrilled that I was able to work some magic to save this dress and be able to wear it!

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