• Orange Floral Cropped Smocked Peplum
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    Orange Floral Cropped Peplum

    I can’t believe it’s the last week of school already. The school year really flew by and especially these last 3 months teaching virtually. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been teaching my students via Zoom since mid-March. I feel bad for my students who are missing actually seeing their friends and classmates and I feel especially bad for the seniors who missed out on prom, the last days of senior year, and a normal graduation. I’m working on a blog post for the end of the week, reminiscing about my high school senior year which was pretty long ago now. Anyway, today I’m sharing this orange floral cropped smock…

  • Smocked Babydoll Maxi Dress
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    Smocked Babydoll Maxi Dress

    I love maxi dresses and I think I’m going to make a point of wearing more of them this summer. Of course, that means I need to buy more, which isn’t great for my wallet. But anyway, this smocked babydoll maxi dress is one I recently got and it’s so good that’s it’s already sold out! I love the color and the beautiful floral print. The sleeves are semi-sheer and it’s so comfortable to wear. Dress: American Eagle | Sandals: Target Since my dress is sold out, I’ve rounded up some other smocked maxi dresses for you!   Wishing you a good week ahead! I have just 2 school weeks…

  • Striped Smocked OTS
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    Striped Smocked OTS

    I’ve been waiting to wear this for a while and I’m so glad I finally got to wear it over the weekend. This striped smocked off-the-shoulder top has 3/4 bell sleeves and is so comfortable and cute. I love the stripes as well as the smocked design. I love smock tops because they’re so stretchy and comfortable. This is lightweight so it’s perfect for warm fall days. It was too hot over the summer to wear it and soon it will be too cold to wear it so I had to take advantage of this short window of warm to mild fall temps! Top: LOFT | Leggings: Nordstrom Rack | Shoes: Target This OTS top…

  • Floral Smocked Babydoll Dress
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    Floral Smocked Babydoll Dress

    Before I get into the details of this floral smocked babydoll dress, I have to give you some background on what I went through to be able to wear it. I bought this dress back in the spring to wear this summer and a few weeks ago I finally took it out to wear. What I didn’t notice until I took it out to wash before wearing is that the security tag was still on! Now this has happened to me a few times before from the same store, but I usually catch it within a day so it’s not a big deal to go back and get it taken off.…