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Cozy Winter Day

I’ve had in my blog planner/calendar for weeks to do a post on cozy winter day activities/things I like to do, tentatively set for today. As fate would have it yesterday was the perfect day to document some cozy cold weather activities because it was cold and snowy. It didn’t snow much, but it was pretty to see the big flakes fall for a few hours.

On a cold winter day I like to have some coffee while still in my pajamas.


For some reason, cold weather makes me want grilled cheese. Is that weird? The grilled cheese I like to eat at home is simple. Just buttered white bread, cheddar, and pepper jack.


Days in are perfect for relaxing. Relaxing at home to me usually means watching a movie or tv shows and/or reading a book. I did both yesterday! The book I’m currently reading, and almost done with, will be my next book review. Later on last night I watched some Netflix, more specifically my new binge show the British gangster dramaΒ Peaky Blinders. I’m sure I’ll write more on that later!


You can’t tell in the book picture but flurries had started to fall. By later in the afternoon there was a blanket of snow on the grass and all non-road surfaces as you can see in my picture below. As I watchedΒ Peaky Blinders last night I had my candle going in the scent “Marshmallow Fireside”.


I may have liked to have my coffee in my pajamas in the morning but as the morning passes and I’ve showered I do get dressed in other clothes even if they are just comfy clothes. One thing IΒ have to wear though are fuzzy socks! I love these fuzzy reindeer socks I got from Bath & Body Works. Although they are reindeer I think the colors aren’t exactly Christmas-y so they’re good for any time. But let’s be honest – I’m just at home so I can basically wear whatever I want any time of year.


Another thing I love on cold winter days at home is to have some hot chocolate. Last night I tried out the hot chocolate I got from Whimsy & Spice which I got in my December Aster Market Box. It was a little too sweet for me (and I had put less of the chocolate mix in then was instructed) so next time I’ll have to put even less in or add more milk. Nevertheless it was an enjoyable hot drink!


One last thing that’s perfect for a cozy day in is to have a fire in the fireplace. I didn’t start one yesterday so this picture is from last winter, but I wanted to include it because it’s such a wintery thing to do especially when you’ll be home all day hiding out from the cold.


What are some things you like to do on a day in in the winter?

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  • TheFallibleQueen

    Grilled Cheese is perfect for cold weather or rainy weather. I made some tomato soup to go with some italian loaf I bought and added cheese to it. I like the Swiss Miss cocoa mix, with almond milk and marshmallows. During cold weather it’s the perfect time to catch up on blog posts, catch up on reading or shows. I’m currently finishing A Series of Unfortunate Events :).

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