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    Scratch & Draw Book

    I’m all about finding new, creative ways to relax and a few years ago I jumped on the adult coloring book bandwagon. A few weeks ago when Quarto reached out to me and asked if I’d like to try one of their Scratch & Draw books, I was immediately intrigued. Instead of coloring, the Scratch & Draw books give you pages of drawings and a blank page with a metallic coating to recreate the drawing on or create something on your own. With the included stylus, you draw on the blank page by scratching away at the metallic coating. I received the Scratch & Draw Enchanted Animals. I love the idea…

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    Cozy Winter Day

    I’ve had in my blog planner/calendar for weeks to do a post on cozy winter day activities/things I like to do, tentatively set for today. As fate would have it yesterday was the perfect day to document some cozy cold weather activities because it was cold and snowy. It didn’t snow much, but it was pretty to see the big flakes fall for a few hours. On a cold winter day I like to have some coffee while still in my pajamas. For some reason, cold weather makes me want grilled cheese. Is that weird? The grilled cheese I like to eat at home is simple. Just buttered white bread,…

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    Photo Challenge: Relax

    After today I just have 1 week of work left until winter break and I could not be more ready for it! This past week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post was “Relax” and while I try to always find some time over the weekend to relax, I can’t wait to get some extra holiday relaxing time coming up! Last weekend, I was doing one of my favorite things to relax this time of year – snuggled on my couch with a blanket, Christmas lights on, and my phone nearby of course so I could aimlessly scroll through social media during commercials of Hallmark Channel Christmas movies. When I looked down…