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Scratch & Draw Book

I’m all about finding new, creative ways to relax and a few years ago I jumped on the adult coloring book bandwagon. A few weeks ago when Quarto reached out to me and asked if I’d like to try one of their Scratch & Draw books, I was immediately intrigued. Instead of coloring, the Scratch & Draw books give you pages of drawings and a blank page with a metallic coating to recreate the drawing on or create something on your own. With the included stylus, you draw on the blank page by scratching away at the metallic coating. I received the Scratch & Draw Enchanted Animals.

Scratch & Draw BookScratch & Draw Book 2Scratch & Draw Book 1Scratch & Draw Book 3

I love the idea of these books, but it’s actually not that easy to do! And I’m not talking about drawing free hand. Originally the idea of having to draw without being able to trace or anything made me a little nervous because I’m not naturally a good drawer. But what was actually hard was the actual scratching. It’s actually pretty hard to scratch the metallic coating and I had to press down really hard and really go at it to scratch away the coating. Halfway through the picture I tried to copy the other night, I thought about quitting, but I really wanted to get through it and see how it would turn out!

Scratch & Draw Book 4Scratch & Draw Book 5

Not horrible, but with the up-close shot you can see how much I was violently scratching away at this page! I still really like the idea of this book and plan to do some more drawings, but it’s definitely not the relaxing activity that I thought it would be! It was fun to try to replicate what I saw and see how it would turn out. Plus it’s fun to see what color is underneath the metallic coating. But, it definitely took a lot of physical effort! The pages can be ripped out if you want to showcase them. If you’re better at it than me than you may definitely want to display your masterpiece!

*I received this book complimentary, but all opinions are my own.*

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