Snowy Mason Jar

Snowy Mason Jars

Last year I made little snowy winter tree scenes in mason jars for a winter craft. I wanted to do another mason jar DIY this year so I’m back with a snowy or frosted mason jar. I saw a few ideas on Pinterest using epsom salt to create a snowy or frosted glass look so I decided to use those ideas as inspiration.

I used:

  • 3 mason jars
  • epsom salt
  • Mod Podge craft glue
  • Christmas ribbon
  • a paint brush
  • hot glue gun
  • battery operated tea light candles

Snowy Mason Jar Supplies
Epsom Salt

I painted on the Mod Podge around the mason jars and then rolled the jars in the epsom salt. I let them dry for a while and then came back to them later to attach the ribbons. My Christmas ribbon is too wide for the jars so I cut them in half.

I wrapped the ribbon around the jar, overlapped them at the ends, and hot glued the overlapping pieces to keep it in place.
Mason Jar
Snowy Mason Jar
Snowy Mason Jar 1
Snowy Mason Jar - Christmas Ribbon
Snowy Mason Jar 2
Snowy Mason Jar 3
Snowy Mason Jar 4
Snowy Mason Jar 5
Snowy Mason Jar 6
Snowy Mason Jar 7
Snowy Mason Jar 8

If you know me, then you know I love candles, but I chose to use battery operated tea light candles instead because it was just easier for these jars. Plus, it’ll keep the jars cleaner.

I love how the light flickers through the glass! It definitely reminds me of frosted over windows in the winter. I love how this craft turned out, but if I could change one thing I would probably use sealant to keep the salt from falling off. Now that the mod podge and salt have completely set, I don’t think I’ll be losing much salt, but at first it was falling all over the place. Other than that, I love these jars and it’s been a nice addition by my TV for the holiday season.

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