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    American Home by Yankee Candle Fire Log

    I, like many others, love the smell of a fire wood burning. Fireplaces are a love of mine and pretty much the only good thing about camping is a camp fire. Back in the early fall Pine Mountain reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try out their American Home by Yankee Candle Fire Logs in the scent “Fresh Balsam Fir”. I, of course, said yes and thought the logs would be so great in my new fireplace in my townhouse. Fast forward a few months and it’s finally cold enough to have the fireplace going. But, I decided not to light the logs in my own fireplace because…

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    Cozy Winter Day

    I’ve had in my blog planner/calendar for weeks to do a post on cozy winter day activities/things I like to do, tentatively set for today. As fate would have it yesterday was the perfect day to document some cozy cold weather activities because it was cold and snowy. It didn’t snow much, but it was pretty to see the big flakes fall for a few hours. On a cold winter day I like to have some coffee while still in my pajamas. For some reason, cold weather makes me want grilled cheese. Is that weird? The grilled cheese I like to eat at home is simple. Just buttered white bread,…

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    Photo Challenge: Converge

    For the latest Daily Post Photo Challenge, I decided to interpret Converge as a meeting of opposites. Christmas time is my favorite and Christmas decorations are at the top of my list of reasons why. I absolutely adore Christmas lights, both inside and outside the house. They just make me happy! This year I strung up some lights around the fireplace in my house. Christmas lights, especially these small white lights give me the feeling of light and happy. They’re pretty and ethereal-like. The fireplace, which is made of brick, is a place of heat, structure, sturdiness. They are quite opposite, but when put together or when they converge they go together really nicely.