• Slow Cooker Butter Chicken


    Slow Cooker Butter Chicken

    I love butter chicken and I found the best slow cooker recipe for it. It is so good that I’ve made it multiple times since I found the recipe last year. I think the key is that it’s a slow cooker recipe because it really allows those flavors to develop. I follow this recipe that I found via Pinterest. I follow the recipe exactly, except I don’t garnish with cilantro cause yuck! I’m one of those people that can’t stand cilantro. I tell this to everyone who asks me about it, but there have been studies that show that for some people they just genetically cannot stand cilantro and it…

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    Greek Steak Salad

    Just a quick food post from me this afternoon! You know when you have a mix of leftovers in your fridge and you decide putting them together would actually taste amazing? I don’t mean some weird concoctions, but a real meal. One day I looked in my fridge to see what I had to make for lunch and I saw I had arugula, feta, beets, and steak. This made me think of a delicious salad I had at my friend’s house last summer. I call it a “Greek” steak salad, because it has feta and a greek salad dressing. This is seriously the easiest thing to put together if you’ve…

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    A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Into Coffee

    To many people, coffee is a bitter (or acidic) drink that tastes horrible unless it’s mixed with plenty of sugar and milk. It tastes horrible otherwise, but it’s essential to have some every day to keep yourself awake. However, for people that are in the know, coffee is a deep and complex drink that takes a lot of preparation, love and care to really extract those delicate flavours. Because of its reputation, coffee drinking, tasting and preparing can all be very challenging to pick up. So to help you out, we’ve put together a useful guide that will show you exactly how you can get into coffee, enjoy it for…

  • Kimchi Fried Rice


    Kimchi Fried Rice

    Years ago I tried kimchi fried rice for the first time at Mogo, a Korean fusion taco place, and it was amazing. Since the place isn’t very close to me, I wanted to try to make it myself. I found this recipe last year and while when I make it it’s not as pretty as in the photos of the original recipe or when I’ve gotten it at Mogo it’s still tasty. When I took these photos (last year) I followed the recipe, but I had extra rice so I just increased the ingredients by a little bit. The only other thing I changed was I kept the kimchi pieces…

  • Hotel Hershey - Christmas

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    Hershey at Christmas

    The last time I went to Hershey, Pennsylvania I was probably around 10 or 11. Needless to say it’s been a long time and it’s only about 2.5 hours away from me. My hopes of going somewhere tropical this winter vacation were dashed by semi last minute planning and the very high prices of warm weather destinations during the winter. So when thinking of places nearby for a quick getaway, my family and I decided to go to Hershey since I’d heard it’s supposed to be nice for the holidays. We went for 2 days and it was a nice time and not too jam packed, which offered time to…

  • Christmas Chicken Pot Pie


    Christmas Chicken Pot Pie

    I really thought I had shared a post on here before on chicken pot pie, but after a quick search on here I found out I haven’t! The reason I thought I’d shared it on here before is because my mom has been making this chicken pot pie recipe for as long as I can remember. At least 20 years. Let’s flash back to my childhood. I have family in Canada and have been to visit many times (Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa). When I was young, my aunt and cousins lived in a small town near Montreal and near where she lived was a shop that sold pies. One of the…

  • Sicilian Zucchini Boats


    Sicilian Zucchini Boats

    I’m sharing a recipe today that I found online and have loved so much that I’ve made it multiple times – Sicilian Zucchini Boats! Once you make this once or twice, you get the hang of it and can cater it to your taste or eyeball the amount of ingredients. For the exact recipe measurements, you can click on the link above to the recipe I follow. For the recipe, you will need: zucchinis (halved) salt plum tomato (diced) garlic clove (chopped) parsley (I only use this if I already have it on hand) crumbled feta (I have used block feta before and just crumbled it up myself) panko olive…

  • Quay Australia Sunglasses

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    November 2019 Favorites

    Somehow we’re already in the last month of 2019. Of the decade, too! I have a bunch of favorites from November, but most of them are from tv. There have just been so many things on tv that I loved in November. So let’s get to it. First, I’ve been loving my new Quay Australia sunglasses I got early in the month. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten new sunglasses and I love these. I love the rainbow look of the lenses in the top pair and the rounded shape of the pink pair on the bottom. My next favorite is perfume – Nirvana Black from the Elizabeth &…

  • Pumpkin Rolls


    Pumpkin Rolls

    No, these aren’t pumpkin flavored rolls – they’re just rolls shaped like pumpkins! I saw this recipe on Pinterest a few weeks ago and thought they’d be such a cute idea for dinner rolls at Thanksgiving. So, I made them! They weren’t hard to make, but will take a few hours so just be aware of that. There may have been some tears on my part when I was making these, but that had nothing to do with the difficulty level at all. Read on to find out what happened! The recipe uses Rhodes Bake ‘n Serve Dinner Rolls and I found them in my supermarket so I got a…

  • Slow Cooker Italian Chicken & Potatoes


    Slow Cooker Italian Chicken & Potatoes

    It’s slow cooker season! Well, to be honest I use my slow cooker any time of the year. But people in general tend to use their slow cookers more often during the colder months. Maybe because slow cooker recipes tend to be heartier fare like stews, chilies, etc. Months ago I made a Slow Cooker Italian Chicken & Potatoes that I found on Pinterest and I thought now was a great time to share it. The recipe says you can use chicken breasts or thighs. I know a lot of people like thighs, but I like chicken breast because I like white meat. Chicken breast does tend to dry out…