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Photo Challenge: Anticipation

Christmas is just two days away so I couldn’t think of a better photo response to the photo challenge, “Anticipation“, then something Christmas related. I took this photo last night after I got home from a holiday light show and dinner. A post on that coming in a few days including photos and a new video! Anyway, I got home, immediately changed into comfy clothes and made myself something warm to drink.


My anticipation for the big day has not waned as I’ve gotten older. I love the lead up to Christmas. Much more than the actual day to be honest. Christmas day is always a bit of a let down. Not in the sense that the day is bad or anything – of course spending time with family is always nice and the presents aren’t a bad thing either. But actual Christmas day marks the end of all the festivities so that’s always kind of sad.

So as I sit in front of my tree with my Christmas mug of Santa in his sleigh being pulled by reindeer, my sweater leggings with Christmas print, and my fuzzy socks with adorable polar bears wearing Christmas lights – I’m sitting in anticipation for the magical holiday. And maybe waiting to see what Santa brings me this year 😉

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