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BBG 2 Month Check In

I’ve made it to the end of 2 months of BBG! I was motivated at the start of this journey, but it’s been easier to keep up with than I could have imagined. Don’t get me wrong, the workouts are tiring and some of the exercises are really hard, but the program hasn’t been hard to keep up with hence why I haven’t given up.

Not a whole lot has changed since my 1 month check in. The exercises have gotten a little harder and now I have to do 4 cardio workouts a week instead of 3. I’ve also moved on to BBG1 from the Beginner program. My weight and waist have stayed the same since my last check in, which is a little frustrating, but I guess maintaining is better than gaining? I also didn’t think (until yesterday) about the fact that I haven’t been measuring anything aside from my waist. I guess I should start measuring my legs, arms, etc. because maybe I lost some weight in other areas of my body.

If you haven’t guessed, my waist is the area I’m really trying to target. With a short torso, I feel like I carry my weight there. I know people say “abs are made in the kitchen”, but I’m really not about the dieting life! So I’ll just keep working out and I’ve also started using the Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer. One day a few months ago I was watching Instastories and got to blogger, Vanessa from The Cheeky Been. I love her style and her fitness posts. So she talked about Sweet Sweat and how she uses the ones for arms because that’s her problem area. She said there was one for the waist so when I was placing an Amazon order I remembered she had raved about it and looked in to it. It stretches around your waist and fastens with velcro. The idea of it is that it increases your core temperature during exercise and increases sweat production. It targets the area that it’s wrapped around and burns more of the fat in that area. Let me tell you, it really makes you sweat! I’ve only been using it for about 2 weeks so I’m looking forward to seeing the long term results. But, I definitely sweat a lot underneath it.

Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer

During month 1 I was doing my 1 mandatory rest day and also another recovery day just for foam rolling. This month I’ve wanted to step it up and not have essentially 2 rest days, so I’ve been doing yoga (Yoga with Adriene videos on YouTube) on my foam rolling days. Cardio has been similar to last month. I’ll switch it up (or split my time) between the stationary bike, Blogilates videos, and The Fitness Marshall dance cardio videos. If you haven’t done any videos from The Fitness Marshall, you need to. He is hilarious! The videos are really short – no more than 4 minutes usually so I pick out a few to do for my workout. The dances are fun and not too difficult to follow, though some are easier than others. Caleb’s commentary during the dance videos has me laughing out loud as I dance. During one of the videos, I forget which one, he was like “Open your mouth a little as you dance. It looks sexy and you can get more air in” LOL.

For an update in terms of my good vibes only mindset, the past month has been pretty positive. Some things that I was hopeful and positive about last month haven’t worked out, but I haven’t dwelled on them and actually have been too busy to feel down or sorry for myself. I’m feeling pretty optimistic and some good and exciting things have come my way. I’ll update you all on that at a later date, but it’s exciting!

BBG1BBG Selfie

I’ll be back in a month for my 3 month check in, but in the meantime if you watch my Instastories I post every day about BBG to hold myself accountable!

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