Purple Underlayer Hair

Summer Purple Hair

If you know me, you know that I’m not afraid to change up my hair. Well, nothing too crazy. Short, long, curly/body wave, highlights, bangs, no bangs – in those ways I’m open to whatever, but you won’t find me shaving my head or anything like that! My hair grows pretty fast so I’m not afraid to take a risk because I know it will grow out. The downside to that is sometimes I love it so much and I know it’s going to grow out quick.

Two summers ago, I cut my hair to a short bob, did some highlights and did a peekaboo purple underneath. That was fun, but because my hair was so short the purple was barely noticeable. Last summer my hair was already much longer than the bob but I did a body wave and kept it curly and wavy for the summer which is always a nice summer style because you never have to blowdry it. This year though, I decided that since my hair is even longer, I wanted to do the purple underlayer again and since it is longer it would be so much more noticeable and cooler!

So I went to my hairstylist and had some fun. She did the highlights I’ve been getting for about a year which is a violet toned red, cleaned up my layers/trimmed an inch off, and on the under layer of my hair she bleached then dyed it purple. I’m absolutely in love with how it turned out!

Purple Underlayer Hair
Purple Underlayer Hair 2
Purple Underlayer Hair 3
Purple Underlayer Hair 1
Purple Underlayer Hair 4
Purple Underlayer Hair 7
Purple Underlayer Hair 6
Purple Underlayer Hair 5
Romper: Aerie | Sunglasses: Quay Australia (Circus Life – here)

It’s so fun for summer. What I love about it is that if I have my hair down, it’s easy to sort of hide, but if I style it or wear it up the purple will be on full display in the back. This is ideal for when I’m back to work in September, although by then I’ll probably be ready for a change or something more geared towards fall.

Also, I’m thinking if I curl my hair it’ll look awesome! I may try to shoot a video of me curling my hair with my BeachWaver so you can see how the purple looks with curled hair. I’m hoping the purple doesn’t wash out/fade too quickly and I can get through a good chunk of the summer with it.

Keep an eye out on my Instagram as I have a cool slo-mo video of my hair that’ll go up at some point today!

What do you guys think? Do you like to change up your hair style for summer?

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