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I wouldn’t call myself an expert in…anything really, but one thing I am definitely not an expert in is hairstyling. Hair styling for me is usually pretty standard and basic because I’m just not very good at it. My attempts at more complicated hairstyles and fancy looking braids usually end with me frustrated, hot/sweaty, and aching arms. French braids are about as much as I can handle in the braid department.

Curling my hair is another story. I can curl my hair with an iron (I haven’t tried rollers since I was a kid but would like to try hot rollers sometime in the future) but it will take me a while and some burns. What’s great about my hair is that it holds a curl really well even without hairspray so curling is always a nice option, however since it takes me a good while to do it’s not something I do often at all. That is until I got my hands on the Beachwaver!

It is the best thing ever. Seriously. So let me give you some background. I was browsing on the Joyus website after the holidays looking for some good deals when I came across the Beachwaver. Now, if you have never shopped on Joyus before, this site which sells all kinds of things from clothing to jewelry to skincare, advertises primarily through videos. I saw the Beachwaver and was immediately intrigued. The hair tool is one of those curling irons that automatically curls for you with the touch of a button. This isn’t anything revolutionary, we’ve all seen tools just like this for years. BUT, the video which featured the founder, celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa, showed how Sarah and her team did all the models’ hair for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. You may not have seen the fashion show, but I think it’s safe to say that many of us long for the perfect tresses the Victoria’s Secret models always seems to have!

So the video made the product look amazing, there was a limited edition hot pink one in honor of the Victoria’s Secret show, and it was on sale. Um sold. I got the Beachwaver S1 and didn’t look back.

I just started using it a few weeks ago. My first time using it was on a day where I wasn’t going out anywhere so in case it went horribly wrong at least I didn’t have somewhere I needed to be. I decided to document my first ever time using it so what you see in photos below is truly a first time use!

Beachwaver S1
Pink Beachwaver S1

The Beachwaver tool, like I mentioned above, is one of those curling tools that does the curling for you. You clamp your hair close to the ends and press either the right arrow or left arrow depending on which way you want your hair to curl. I like to alternate with each section of hair. There’s also a “home” button so that you can reset it after each section and the barrel will turn back to the original position. There’s also a button to control the temperature. As my hair is on the fine side, I set it for 310 and it heats up super quick. The tool came with a informative pamphlet that tells you the temperature ranges recommended depending on hair type and also gives you tips on how to hold the wand depending on what kind of curls you want. If you want beach waves you should hold the barrel vertically. If you want defined curls you should hold the wand diagonally. Lastly, if you want vintage curls, then hold the wand horizontally. I wanted beach waves so vertical it was!

Beachwaver S1 1

I used clips to section off my hair and I made my way around my whole head in less than 25 minutes!! Can you believe it?! It was so easy to use and I was extremely satisfied with the results. Take a look!

Beachwaved 1
Beachwaved 2

loved the way my hair turned out. Minus all the flyaways, but like I said I wasn’t going out anywhere that day I just wanted to test out the Beachwaver so I wasn’t really paying attention to making it look perfect.

Not only is the Beachwaver easy peasy to use, but the curls held up for a long time. I did not use hairspray and the next two pictures were taken late that night after the curls had been in for hours. The curls are obviously looser, but still holding up!

Beachwaved 3
Beachwaved 4

I am one satisfied costumer! I used it again last night and was able to do my whole head in 20 minutes before heading out to dinner. The S1 is pricey at $129 regularly priced, though there is an even more expensive model. But it is so worth it. I’m lucky I got it on sale and who knows it may go on sale again so I would definitely keep an eye out! It is so easy and quick to use and if I can use it, pretty much anyone can. Honestly all my pictures above are from the first time I ever used the Beachwaver! I really cannot say enough about this product, but to end this post I’ve shared the YouTube video that helped seal the deal for me.


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