Modern Design Inc - Peace Necklace
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Modern Design Inc. – Peace Necklace

Recently I had the great opportunity to work with Modern Design Inc. and received a beautiful necklace to show off to you all. If you are unfamiliar with Modern Design Inc., it is a manufacturer and wholesaler of diamond jewelry. When choosing what piece I’d like to make my own, I was immediately drawn to this Peace Necklace. This necklace has “Peace” in various different languages engraved onto the silver pendant. Not only was it pretty and simple – meaning I could easily wear it with any kind of outfit, I was also drawn to the idea of having the word “peace” in all different languages on it seeing as how crazy today’s world is.

The necklace came with a silver chain which is the perfect chain for the pendant. It is not so thin that I’m afraid it will break with the weight of the pendant nor is it chunky and cheap looking. I have a [bad] habit of playing with whatever necklace I’m wearing – usually pulling on the pendant and sliding it back and forth. I have broken chains this way before, but I can tell that this chain is sturdy.

You can easily wear this necklace with a tank top and jeans or with a casual summer dress like I’ve worn here.

Modern Design Inc - Peace Necklace 3
Modern Design Inc - Peace Necklace 2
Modern Design Inc - Peace Necklace
Abstract Print Cami Dress
Abstract Print Cami Dress 1
Abstract Print Cami Dress 2
Modern Design Inc - Peace Necklace 1
Modern Design Inc - Peace Necklace 4Modern Design Inc - Peace Necklace 5

Dress: Forever21 | Necklace: Modern Design Inc.

I love the weight of the pendant. You can tell it’s top quality and it’s not some flimsy pendant, not that I would expect anything less from a fine jewelry expert company! As I mentioned earlier, this necklace is super versatile and you can wear it with a super casual outfit like a tee and shorts or an outfit like this cami dress. In this case, the addition of the necklace to my abstract print, tassel, cami dress helps complete this boho look I was going for.

Overall, I love this necklace – both the aesthetics of it and the message it carries!


Disclaimer: This necklace was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.

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