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Fit & Flare: Floral + Lace

Last weekend, I shared my last work outfit of the school year and I mentioned that I still had 2 more work outfits to share. Today, I’m sharing this fit & flare dress featuring dark florals and lace side panels. I have to say, I love everything about this dress. The sheer sleeves, the floral design and colors, the cinched waist, the lace panels on the sides. It’s like my dream dress to wear to work, because not only does it tick all these boxes of things I love but it’s also super comfortable. What could be better?! Oh, I know what could make it better – it’s got pockets!

Floral + Lace Fit & Flare
Floral + Lace Fit & Flare 1
Floral + Lace Fit & Flare 2
Floral + Lace Fit & Flare 3
Floral + Lace Fit & Flare 4
Floral + Lace Fit & Flare 5
Floral + Lace Fit & Flare 6
Floral + Lace Fit & Flare 7

Dress: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s | Boots: Cliffs by White Mountain via DSW | Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs via Macy’s

The belt came with this dress and is a nice complement to the outfit. And unlike the belt that came with that babydoll dress I linked to at the start of this post, it fit perfectly. The sheer sleeves are ideal for the early summer weather when it’s warm out but you might be working in an office that has the air conditioning on high or like me, you don’t always feel that comfortable having your arms bare at work. Short sleeve, I’m fine with, but I always feel underdressed wearing a sleeveless top to work. I know a lot of people do it especially if it gets really hot at work, but I just feel so weird doing it! So sheer sleeves is a great alternative.

The floral pattern against the black background is so pretty and you know I love florals. The last photo is a great shot with the sun coming from behind me. It gives the dress a real dream-like quality, which is fitting because this dress was definitely a dream for me to wear to work.

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