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Chelsea Market, The Highline, & More

If you follow me on social media, you may have caught my Instagram and/or twitter post about how I saw Jimmy Fallon getting off a helicopter and into a waiting SUV with his family. It was a Sunday afternoon so I imagine he was returning to the city for the work week. It would’ve been so cool to actually meet him but everything happened really quickly plus you couldn’t hear a thing with the helicopter so loud. Anyway, that day I went into the city with two friends to go to Chelsea Market, The Highline, and just walk around.

Chelsea Market is an indoor market with tons of little shops and food. The Highline runs above the streets of Manhattan. It was once an elevated rail line that in recent years has been turned into a linear park and pretty outdoor space above the city streets.

Chelsea Market
Chelsea Market - Shops

We ate lunch at Takumi inside Chelsea Market which is a little shop (basically if you want to sit down you have to find a seat at the bar there) that has fusion Japanese & Mexican dishes. I got a burrito with japanese curry beef. It was amazing!

Takumi - Japanese Curry Beef Burrito

Later on in the afternoon, we went back to Chelsea Market and went to People’s Pops which makes popsicles and shaved ice from hand shaven (shaved? shaven?) ice. I got the blueberry flavor. It was a nice cool treat on a pretty warm day even though the wind was crazy that day as you’ll see in my video.

People's Pops Shaved Ice

We walked the whole Highline and back, which is 1.45 miles, and then around the Chelsea Pier area before I headed home. According to the health app on my phone, I walked over 17,000 steps that day. Not too shabby!

Highline 1

Below is a little video of my day. Enjoy and please subscribe if you want to make sure not to miss any future videos!

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