One-Shoulder Marled Sweater

I used to not be a big fan of one-shoulder tops because the asymmetry of it bothered me. But over time, I started to come around and warm up to the style and now I really do like it. Towards the end of the winter, I had some rewards to use at Express before they expired and I saw this one-shoulder marled sweater.  It’s great for the in between spring temperatures since it is a sweater and has long sleeves, but it’s lightweight, has a whole exposed shoulder area, and has some holes in the knit in front. I wore a nude tank top underneath because of the holes otherwise I could’ve worn just the sweater.

One-Shoulder Marled Sweater
One-Shoulder Marled Sweater 1
One-Shoulder Marled Sweater 2
One-Shoulder Marled Sweater 3
One-Shoulder Marled Sweater 4
One-Shoulder Marled Sweater 6One-Shoulder Marled Sweater 7
One-Shoulder Marled Sweater 5

Top: Express | Leggings: Express | Shoes: DSW

I paired the marled one-shoulder sweater with dark grey leggings and finished the look off with floral flat espadrilles for a little fun pop of spring and color.

What are your thoughts on one-shoulder tops?

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  1. I love that sweater and I like one shoulder tops.especially sweaters. They are fun, stylish and different.

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    1. Thanks! I’m loving the style

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