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I have a quick post for you all this afternoon. A few weeks ago Toutl reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to try out their new app. The app allows you to sort of check in to places but with the purpose of starting a conversation, asking a question, polling people, etc. based on the restaurant or business you’re visiting. I was definitely interested so I installed the app on my phone and have tried it out the past few times I’ve been out to eat.

Toutl App - Map

When you open the app, a map shows up. I found the app to be a little confusing at first and I wasn’t sure how to navigate it, but a quick email to Toutl cleared it up for me. They were really helpful and even sent me screenshots of what to do! So I hit the little messaging/conversation bubble in the left hand corner and that allowed me to find the restaurant I was in based on my current location.

Once I had the restaurant, I pose a question and in one post I included a photo.

Toutl App
Toutl App 3

Toutl App 1
Toutl App 2

The app is definitely cool and a great way to get some feedback and start a conversation about wherever you’re dining! The app takes some getting used to, as I mentioned above, it isn’t the easiest to navigate at first, but it is still new and kinks are being worked out. I think it’ll be a really cool app to use especially when traveling!

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