Lucky Charms Crispy Treats

Lucky Charms Crispy Treat

Happy Easter! If you celebrate the holiday I hope you are having a wonderful day so far with family and/or friends. I’m having a small Easter dinner with family this evening. I already ate all the eggs I decorated. If you missed the eggs I decorated using Flash Tattoos then click (here).

So when I think of Easter, besides anything religious, I think of pastels. Maybe because Easter is in the spring and I always think of being a kid and wearing an Easter dress which was always something pastel and/or floral. So when I was thinking of some sort of easy treat for Easter my mind went to these Lucky Charm Crispy Treats I’ve seen on Pinterest. They’re essentially just like Rice Krispy Treats, but with Lucky Charms instead. Now you may be thinking that this would’ve been (somewhat) more appropriate for St. Patrick’s Day, but when I think of St. Patrick’s Day I just think of green – not pastels. And seeing as how the Lucky Charms marshmallows are all pastel colors I thought that this would be a nice, sweet treat for Easter.

Lucky Charms
Melted Butter
Melting Marshmallows
Lucky Charms Crispy Treats
Lucky Charms Crispy Treats 1
Lucky Charms Crispy Treats 3
Lucky Charms Crispy Treats 2
Lucky Charms Crispy Treats 5
Lucky Charms Crispy Treats 4

They turned out so cute and colorful and most importantly, delicious. They are a bit stickier than Rice Krispy Treats and I think in the future I need to use less marshmallows because the marshmallows in the cereal melt as well once all mixed together so it made it even stickier. Getting the treats out of the pan was a little difficult since it was so sticky! So I had to cut them in the pan because I could not lift the whole sheet out to cut on a cutting board. Other than that, I really like these treats!

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