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I love flowers all year long, but once spring hits I like to have fresh blooms in the house as often as possible. I always enjoy looking at pictures of floral arrangements because they always look so beautiful and perfect, which is a lot harder than it looks. I think being a florist would be a lot of fun, although I’m sure really stressful if you’re doing weddings and big events like that.

Today I thought I’d share some at-home floral arrangement inspiration that I got from Pinterest.

Hydrangea & Peonies in Pitcher
Green Hydrangea in White Pitcher
Apple Blossom & Birch
Flowering Branches in Vases
Flowers in Ginger Jar
White Flowers & Limes
Pink Gladiolus

Aren’t these all gorgeous? I can’t even pick a favorite. I love all the colors and different vases. There are so many different flowers you can use for your own arrangement including flowering branches which I think are so fun and different. I think the pink gladiolus (the last photo) is a nice compromise between flowers and flowering branches because they are so tall. Flowers are so fun to play with and get creative with since there is such a large variety to choose from and then of course, vases play a role in changing things up too. You can do anything from fish bowls to ginger jars.

Do you like arranging flowers at home?

*All photos from Pinterest*

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