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Getting Ready for Fall

Fall has quickly become my favorite season in the past few years. I don’t know why considering I associate fall with summer vacation being over and having to go back to work. However, there’s just something about fall that I love. The crisp, cool air. Apple cider donuts. Breaking out the cozy sweaters. Oh and ushering in the holiday season, of course.


Since I’m in a new space (my townhouse), I picked up a few fall decor things. I didn’t want to go overboard with decorating, plus I don’t have the money to! So it was just a few things.

First, I got this super cute leaf candle holder from Bath & Body Works. There was a larger one available too, but I didn’t want anything too tall. This one is already big enough! My 3 wick candles come up about hallway or less inside.

Leaf Candle HolderLeaf Candle Holder 1

I also picked up a few fall candles since they were on sale, but I don’t have a photo of them at the moment.

Then, I got 2 things at Hobby Lobby. There actually wasn’t a lot of cute stuff there for fall. They’ve already started rolling out their Christmas decorations. I got this cute wooden sign that says “Happy Harvest” and a white ceramic pumpkin with yellow gold detailing that reads “Welcome”. I have them sitting on my new buffet table.

Buffet Table - fall decorHappy Harvest wood signWelcome Pumpkin

Lastly, when I was at Wegman’s over the weekend I was looking at the plants they had outside. I thought about getting mums but I didn’t love them. I decided to get a pot of the purple Asters for the front. We’re not allowed to plant perennials in my development, so for now I have the plant just sitting in the plastic planter it came in.

Aster PlantAster Plant 1I’m just waiting for more flowers to bloom, but it’s been raining here for the last few days.

That’s all the fall decorating I’ve done so far this year. I’d love to get some things to put on the mantle of my fireplace, but we’ll see if I have time to do that. I do plan to really decorate for Christmas though. Tree, mantle decorations, wreaths, etc. In the meantime, I’m happy with my leaf candleholder, buffet table decor, and my new plant!

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