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Read Between The Lines To Find Out Why Your Reading Room Decor Isn’t Working For You

The majority of us now spend our days working office jobs and staring at computer screens. It should come as no surprise, then, that we look for screen-free alternatives once we get home of an evening. Many households are now finding that their televisions remain off for days on end as they seek better ways to spend their free time. Some of us are even repurposing areas in our houses to meet that need.

Many people, for example, now dedicate their garages and basements to yoga. And, as we’re going to be considering here, some people are even turning their home offices over to mini libraries. In many ways, reading is the ideal alternative to screens. It allows for the escapism of television while giving our eyes a break from blue light. The internal nature of books also ensures the creative break many of us now crave during our free time.

But, what happens if you’ve created a reading room you never use? It’s easy to see this as a defeat, but it’s often more of a reflection on your reading space than you. Sometimes, simple decor mistakes are to blame for our aversion here. All you need to do is read between the lines to find out where you’ve gone wrong in your reading room.

Your reading chair is wildly uncomfortable


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A reading room wouldn’t be complete without a reading chair. So, you probably rushed out and bought a library seat the moment your shelves were in place. The trouble is that the majority of reading chairs are pretty uncomfortable. They tend to be stiff, and their size makes stretching out near enough impossible. That’s why you need to replace that chair with more comfortable options. Something like the bean bag chairs found on would be ideal for this. With options like these, you could settle in and get snuggly with a good back at last

The lighting is too bright
You’ve been in a blaring office all day. Now, you want something soft lighting to soothe your aching head. The trouble is, your reading room light is so bright that it leaves you blinking. But, there’s an easy answer. Investing in table lamps can bring that lighting down to a much more manageable level. You could even go all out with fairy lights over your bookcases which both look amazing, and get your lighting where you need it.

Those paint colors are too bold
Bright walls may look fantastic everywhere else in your house, but they’re never going to serve well in your library. If you use bright red paint here, it’s no surprise you can’t concentrate on your books. Bright colors are a distraction that you just don’t need in this room. Instead, you would be far better sticking with neutral colors like those mentioned on With these in place, your library will become the oasis of calm you’re after. And, that alone could see you spending the time here which you haven’t until now.

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