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Home Office Design: 3 Ideas To Take Inspiration From

You may or may not have noticed a trend in the number of people working from home these days. As a result, the demand for home office spaces is on the up. Loads of people are thinking about converting rooms in their houses into areas that they can work in. As you can imagine, there are so many home office design ideas out there!

This begs the question; how should you decorate your home office? Well, I have a few ideas that you’re more than welcome to take inspiration from:


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The Laid Back Apple Approach

Apple – the company not the fruit – are well-known for their relaxed approach to office space. If you’ve ever seen inside an Apple office, then you’ll see it’s got a very laid back vibe to proceedings, with comfy furniture, plenty of space, and a minimalistic approach. You can take inspiration from this design concept when creating your office space at home.

First of all, you need the right desk for this decor. Something spacious and simple will work wonders, and you shouldn’t have anything cluttering it other than your computer and maybe a notepad with some pens in a pot. Colorwise, I’m thinking either plain wood, white, or black. A plain and contemporary wooden desk with a white chair will work wonders in my opinion!

Then, you have the rest of the room to decorate as well. The walls should be white or a light grey color to give off this clean ‘Apple’ look and feel. Then, consider a large beanbag chair as the only other piece of furniture in the room. Apple themselves get theirs from a place called Comfy Sack, and you can browse the catalog online to find one that’ll work in your home office space. It provides the relaxed vibe you’re going for, without taking up too much room. That’s literally all there is to it; keep it minimal, clean, and bright!


The Super-Practical Home Office

Next up, we have the super-practical home office design idea. This is for anyone that wants a home decor that’s both functional and beautiful. The main aim is to create a working environment that encourages you to work and gets you in the professional zone. As a result, it’s a little less pretty than the first idea, but you make up for it with a way more practical room.

Again, we’ll start with the desk, and ergonomics are your primary cause for concern here. I’d go as far to say that the actual look of the desk and chair are secondary to their functionality. Here, you need a pair of things that are ergonomic and help you work in a comfortable position. Ideally, the chair should have a headrest to support your neck, arms to rest your arms on, and it should be able to move up and down. The desk needs to be adjustable too so you can move it to a position where you can sit comfortably. Along with this, you need something to raise your screen upwards, so you aren’t leaning forward when you work.

When it comes to the other design elements in this room, I recommend a nice table where you can sit at and eat your lunch, along with a microwave and mini-fridge. This helps you stay in the office during your working hours, so you don’t spend too much time out in the house getting distracted. I’d even suggest you have soundproofing foam on the walls and tape around the door to block out as much sound as possible. Compliment the room with very bright lighting, so you’re super alert and keen to work. The general color scheme should be monochrome as this is the more professional approach. You could even consider installing flooring that’s more professional as well, so it makes you feel like you’re in an office.

That’s the central theme with this home decor idea; you want it to feel as though you’ve wandered into an office and are going to work.
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The Mini Library

Some of you may do a lot of work where you need to continually consult books or research various things. So, this idea is perfect as it essentially gives you a mini library in your home! As a change, we’re not going to start with the desk this time! Instead, turn your attention to the walls around the room.

Primarily, you need to use up the wall space with shelves and bookcases to store loads of books. Depending on the work you do, you’ll need more space for books. You want to almost surround yourself in literature, which gives the effect of studying in a library. This alone can help you concentrate, and it also makes the room look really classy and professional.

The desk should be large and have enough space to keep your main go-to resources by your side at all times. I like the idea of a standing desk here as it keeps you on your toes and means you can walk around, grab a book, walk to the desk, make your notes, and put the book back. As for the general interior design colors and decor, you want to make it very traditional. I’m talking oak furnishings, a hardwood floor, some nice subtle wallpaper, and so on.

While all of these ideas can also work well as home studies, this one is particularly great if you’re a student and want somewhere to work while you have exams or assignments.

There are three completely different design ideas here for you to have a look at and mull over. Regardless of if you run a home business, work at home as a freelancer, or just need somewhere to study – these ideas give you a fun place in your house. They also help you turn a spare room into something more practical! I won’t say which one is my favorite as I believe they’re all good for certain people. Think about what helps you work best, and you’ll soon decide which design to take the most inspiration from to bring into your home!

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