Edna - No Capes tee & Green Velvet Flats
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Casual Tee + Dressy Velvet Flats

Mixing and matching is part of what makes fashion fun. Sometimes you’re in the mood for a casual look and sometimes you’ve got plans that allow you to dress up – or you could just be in the mood to glam it up. And sometimes you can stretch your style creativity just a little more and mix and match casual and dressy pieces. For example when I wore that chambray henley and tulle skirt – a mix of dressy and casual! There’s also the kind of combos like how you can mix and match high and low price items/designer and bargain etc.

The look I’m sharing today isn’t too drastic of a combination of pieces. There have been a number of Gucci inspired tees out there in the past year and I’ve been looking for one for the past few months that I liked and that was also in stock. I came across this one that I think is pretty funny/cute since it’s a reference toΒ The Incredibles. It says “Edna. No Capes”. If you’ve seen the first Incredibles movie then you’ll get the reference. So while it has that Gucci vibe, it’s obviously not a Gucci and is a casual graphic tee. I wore it with slightly distressed, frayed jeans (keeping with the casual look) and then the most beautiful green velvet ballet flats (dressy). These shoes are the most perfect green and the velvet just makes them look so dressy and fancy. You can easily wear these shoes with a nice skirt or dress or dress them down like I did here with the distressed jeans and graphic tee.

Edna - No Capes tee & Green Velvet Flats 6Edna - No Capes tee & Green Velvet Flats 7Green Velvet Flats 1Green Velvet Flats 2Edna - No Capes tee & Green Velvet FlatsEdna - No Capes tee & Green Velvet Flats 1Edna - No Capes tee & Green Velvet Flats 2Edna - No Capes tee & Green Velvet Flats 3Green Velvet FlatsEdna - No Capes tee & Green Velvet Flats 4Edna - No Capes tee & Green Velvet Flats 5Green Velvet Flats 3Green Velvet Flats 4

Tee: Red Dress Boutique | Cardigan: Express | Jeans: LOFT | Shoes: J.Crew

This outfit was such a fun mix of items to put together. The velvet flats definitely elevate the look and I can’t wait to pair them with more things.

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