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Aster Market Unboxing: November 2016

Aster Market Box  leads us into the cold winter months and holiday season with its contents in this month’s box. Keep reading to find out was in the box!


I received a very pretty card, perfect for Thanksgiving – a copper foiled card with a pretty and simple floral design by Amy Heitman. Isn’t this such a sweet card to send to a friend or give to your Thanksgiving Dinner host?


The item that I think might be the most interesting one in this box was this little bag of Foodie Dice from Two Tumbleweeds! What are foodie dice, you ask? There are multiple die in this baggie with different things such as protein, herbs, vegetables (separated by season), and method of cooking. These are meant to give some inspiration or ideas for meals. So for example, you could roll the die and end up with beef that you should broil with some rosemary and serve with sautéed broccoli. Pretty cool, right? I definitely want to try creating a whole meal with these die! When I do, I will definitely document it for you guys!


The last item in the November box was this throw blanket from Parris Chic Boutique. The adorable throw blanket is lightweight and features a cute “snuggle up” and striped print.


That wraps up my November Aster Market Box! I can’t wait to get next month’s when we’re right in the middle of the holiday season. I remember last December’s box being one of my favorites!

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