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Restaurant Review: Destination Dogs

Hey everyone, as this post goes up I’m still making my way home from vacation but I thought I’d give you a quick post that’s non-Alaska related to break things up a bit. A few weeks ago I went to Destination Dogs – a gourmet hotdog restaurant near me. It’s been there for a few years now but I’ve never gone and so a friend and I decided to meet there for lunch once summer break started (she’s also a teacher). There are a ton of different kinds of hotdogs and sausages to choose from – basically a choice for whatever kind of mood you’re in. Cheesy, spicey, bacon wrapped, Asian inspired, etc.

First, we had to order an appetizer, which I have to say was the best choice ever. We got the Patatas Ridiculas which are fried potatoes topped w/ duck confit, pork belly, bacon, two cheeses, brown gravy, jalapeños, sour cream and scallions.

Patatas Ridiculas
Patatas Ridiculas 1

This cheesy potato appetizer was scrumptious and so good you can’t help but to keep going back in for more and more helpings.

I decided I didn’t want anything too crazy for my hotdog so I went for the Chicago Bull:Illinois hotdog. which is an all beef hot dog w/ onions, tomato, pickle, green relish, hot peppers, yellow mustard.

Destination Dogs - Chicago Bull Hotdog
Destination Dogs - Chicago Bull Hotdog 1
Destination Dogs - Chicago Bull Hotdog  2

My friend ordered the El Borracho: New Mexico – an all beef hot dog wrapped in a corn tortilla w/ jack cheese, deep fried, topped w/ cheese sauce, chipotle sauce, sour cream, cilantro, on a stick.

Destination Dogs - El Borracho Hotdog

My hotdog was good but all the toppings were a bit too acidic for me. My friend actually didn’t get to eat her El Borracho because she felt sick and had to leave (not related at all to the food, btw!) so this was actually a milestone for me. I have never gone out to a public restaurant and ate alone before! It was relaxing but a bit boring. I ended up just texting friends while I ate because I found myself with nothing to keep my occupied.

Overall, I like that Destination Dogs has such a wide selection to choose from and I would definitely go back to try some other items. I probably wouldn’t get the Chicago Bull again, but I would most definitely get the Patatas Ridiculas again!

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