• Teaberry's Tea Room

    Teaberry’s Tea Room

    When my friend and I were looking up a place for brunch recently, we came across Teaberry’s Tea Room in Flemington – a town in-between us. The charming restaurant has tea, of course, but also an afternoon tea and lunch menu. Teaberry’s is housed inside a Victorian home that was built in 1822 and is one of the oldest homes in Flemington. Interesting fact, there was an earlier home built on the property owned by Esther Fleming Lowry whose family was one of the earliest in town and its namesake. Her and her husband were friends with George and Martha Washington! But that house burned down and the one in 1822…

  • Project Pub - Assistant Brewer's Charcuterie Board

    Project PUB

    Back in July I went to Project PUB , a restaurant in downtown Somerville, NJ. The restaurant’s concept is pretty cool. Each month they feature a brewery and design their menu to items that will pair well with the brewery’s offerings. So, let me tell you right off the bat I don’t drink beer, so that part was sort of wasted on me, but I still think it’s cool that their menu is always changing because I love food! So my friend and I both ordered entrees, 1 appetizer to share, and a side of fries. We sat at a table outside on the nice porch and our waiter said he’d have…

  • Turning Point - Tropical Crunch Waffle

    Breakfast @ Turning Point

    A few weeks ago I finally went to Turning Point for breakfast. There are a few locations in NJ, one of which is about 20-25 minutes from me and I’d been meaning to go for a while but never got around to it. Anyway, I finally went and I can see why it’s a popular breakfast spot! They are only open from 8am – 3pm since they do specialize in breakfast foods. I was in the mood for a waffle when I went and this Tropical Crunch Waffle was the perfect serving size. It’s 1 waffle topped with fresh bananas, strawberries, mango, and granola. On the side they give you syrup…

  • Roosterspin

    Restaurant Review: Roosterspin

    A little while ago I wrote about my dinner at Inspiration Roll and while I was there, my friend had mentioned that there was a place nearby with a Korean fusion menu including Korean chicken wings. Obviously, we had to make plans to go there! So a few weeks ago we went out for the afternoon (video to come) but before our day out in the sunshine we went to lunch at Roosterspin. First of all, the restaurant is so cool inside and I love the whole feel and ambience of the place. The restaurant features a bar, dark wood tables and furniture, lit up jars, and a wall of records. A record…

  • Bareburger


    Yesterday I wrote about seeing Anastasia on Broadway and today I have not one, but two posts also from the day. First up is this short review of my lunch at Bareburger. My friend suggested we eat there because she had once before and really liked it. So we found a location near the theater and headed there for lunch before the show. Everything at Bareburger is organic and all-natural, which is so great. I love that it’s an eco-conscious restaurant! I ordered a side salad, the Kail Caesar and the American Burger. Both were delicious, but the salad really was one of the best salads I’ve ever had! This beautiful and scrumptious salad had…

  • Spicy Tuna Sushi Burrito

    Inspiration Roll

    Ever since last spring when I had to forgo getting a sushi burrito and opt for a poké bowl (albeit still delicious) at Pokéworks I’ve been wanting to get my hands on one. My wish finally came true when I went on a recent dinner outing to Inspiration Roll. There are a few locations and I went to the Westfield location which was really cute inside. Inspiration Roll’s menu consists of appetizers and three main things: ramen, sushi burritos, and poké bowls. You can pick and choose what you want from different categories such as your choice of protein, type of rice, vegetables, etc. Of course, I got a sushi burrito since…

  • mooyah-cheeseburger


    Mooyah, a burger chain, opened up near where I work a few months ago. I had never even heard of Mooyah before this one opened, but I looked up locations on their website and saw that they have locations in quite a few states and a few places internationally. There are a ton of them in Texas so maybe that’s where it originated? No idea. Anyway, I had never heard of it until one opened up two minutes away from work and a few of my students told me they were working there. They had been asking me when I was going to go check it out for a while…

  • boulevard-seafood-seared-scallops-pork-belly

    Boulevard Seafood

    Back in August I went out to dinner with my parents and brother for my parents’ anniversary. We went to a seafood restaurant nearby, Boulevard Seafood. They have a small seafood market inside and they have a small cafe and bakery attached to the restaurant that is owned by the same owners. The restaurant was pretty crowded that night and despite having a reservation we had to wait about 10 minutes to be seated. I would normally have no problem with a short wait, however it was a tad annoying when we had a reservation and groups who were walk-ins were seated right away. But anyway, the atmosphere is really nice and…

  • Tres Leche
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    Martino’s Cuban Restaurant

    I always enjoy trying new (or new to me) restaurants, mainly because eating is one of my favorite pastimes. I recently went to Martino’s Cuban Restaurant and enjoyed my dinner there in the small, family owned & run restaurant. According to their website, Martino – the owner and namesake – opened the restaurant in 1992 with the desire to bring the hearty, flavorful pre-Castro Cuban cuisine to the area. Here’s what I ate: Tortilla Chips with Salsa & Guacamole – the salsa had a little bit of spice to it, which I loved. The guacamole was nice and creamy and the tortilla chips were freshly fried. Also as a starter, I shared…

  • Patatas Ridiculas

    Restaurant Review: Destination Dogs

    Hey everyone, as this post goes up I’m still making my way home from vacation but I thought I’d give you a quick post that’s non-Alaska related to break things up a bit. A few weeks ago I went to Destination Dogs – a gourmet hotdog restaurant near me. It’s been there for a few years now but I’ve never gone and so a friend and I decided to meet there for lunch once summer break started (she’s also a teacher). There are a ton of different kinds of hotdogs and sausages to choose from – basically a choice for whatever kind of mood you’re in. Cheesy, spicey, bacon wrapped,…