Restaurant Review: Roosterspin

A little while ago I wrote about my dinner at Inspiration Roll and while I was there, my friend had mentioned that there was a place nearby with a Korean fusion menu including Korean chicken wings. Obviously, we had to make plans to go there! So a few weeks ago we went out for the afternoon (video to come) but before our day out in the sunshine we went to lunch at Roosterspin.

First of all, the restaurant is so cool inside and I love the whole feel and ambience of the place. The restaurant features a bar, dark wood tables and furniture, lit up jars, and a wall of records. A record player plays a variety of music as you enjoy your lunch.

Roosterspin 1
Roosterspin 2
Roosterspin 3

Now that we’ve covered that I loved the setting, let’s get to the food!

We ordered corn on the cob and bulgogi sliders from the appetizers to share. The corn on the cob was grilled corn, cotija cheese, and paprika powder.

Roosterspin - Corn on the Cob

These were super tasty, but a tiny bit too cheesy for my taste. I had to scrape a little bit of it off just because it was so thick. Otherwise, I did love the flavors.

The bulgogi sliders had bulgogi, red onion pickle, and jalapeno mayo. The sliders were so good and the combination of the meat with the pickled onions and spicy mayo was just amazing!

Roosterspin - Bulgogi Slider

Of course, we had to order the famous double fried chicken wings. Roosterspin offers soy garlic, spicy soy garlic, or half and half. We got the half and half. The wings are made to order so they came out to our table as soon as they were ready.

Roosterspin - Double Fried Chicken

I liked the spicy soy garlic more than the regular soy garlic because the soy garlic was a little bit too sweet for me. However, some of the spicy wings were super spicy! And I love spicy food! But some of them were so hot that I needed to drink so much water and my lips were burning. I still enjoyed the wings but if they were a little bit less spicy it would’ve been so much better so that I could enjoy them even more than I did.

Overall, I enjoyed the food at Roosterspin. The service was excellent and the ambience was great. My favorite food was the bulgogi sliders for sure!

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