• Chef Yang's 46 - Sesame Chicken


    Chef Yang 46

    A few weeks ago I was invited to dine at Chef Yang 46 , a gourmet Chinese restaurant in Clifton, NJ. I was sent a tasting menu to give me an idea of my choices for appetizers, entrees, etc and I enlisted a friend to go with me for dinner. We went last Sunday and when we were seated menus were placed on our table. Like regular menus. So when the waiter came for our drink order, I asked if we were supposed to order from the tasting menu I was sent and he said I could or I could order anything I want. Since the tasting menu looked like a…

  • Salted Lime - Pork Carnitas


    Restaurant: Salted Lime

    For months my friends had been raving about a relatively new Central/South American restaurant nearby called Salted Lime. I hadn’t gone with them the times they went so on my birthday a few weeks ago a little group of us decided to go. One of my friend’s birthdays is a few days before mine and since we don’t all get to see each other very often we used our birthdays as a reason to get together for dinner. The restaurant did not disappoint and I’ve actually been there twice now in less than a month! Here are a few photos of what I had when I went the first time…

  • Fromage Grille - Chevre


    Fromage Grillé

    A few months ago my friend and I were looking up some restaurants to check out – not necessarily new restaurants but at least new to us. I saw that there was a grilled cheese restaurant in a town not too far away and I wanted to check it out right away! A whole restaurant devoted to grilled cheese?! But the cute little restaurant is only open 11am-4pm Monday-Saturday and closed on Sundays, so we weren’t able to check it out until recently. I love that the restaurant is called Fromage Grillé – literally “grilled cheese” in french. The place is small, but cute and the staff was so helpful and…

  • Redstone Grill - Baked Crab Dip


    Redstone Grill

    Do you have a Redstone Grill near you? I think there are only a handful of them around the country, but one of them is near me. I went a few weeks ago with my family and it was my first time even though the restaurant has been open for at least a year, so I thought I would take some photos of what we ordered and my thoughts. My family and I ordered two appetizers to share: the Baked Crab Dip & Buffalo Jumbo Shrimp. Both were so good! The shrimp was a little spicy in a tangy way and so delicious. The crab dip was also super tasty and…

  • Saganaki


    Kyma Greek Cuisine

    Greek food and mediterranean food in general is a cuisine I really enjoy. I love the different meats and fresh vegetables all with a mediterranean flair. My friend told me about a greek restaurant nearby, Kyma Greek Cuisine,  that she had been wanting to try. We finally found a day to go for dinner and of course I documented my food to share here since it was my first time there! When I’m going to a restaurant that is new to me I sometimes like to check out the menu online to get an idea of what the appetizers and entrees are. I read some Yelp reviews that said the…

  • Project Pub - Assistant Brewer's Charcuterie Board


    Project PUB

    Back in July I went to Project PUB , a restaurant in downtown Somerville, NJ. The restaurant’s concept is pretty cool. Each month they feature a brewery and design their menu to items that will pair well with the brewery’s offerings. So, let me tell you right off the bat I don’t drink beer, so that part was sort of wasted on me, but I still think it’s cool that their menu is always changing because I love food! So my friend and I both ordered entrees, 1 appetizer to share, and a side of fries. We sat at a table outside on the nice porch and our waiter said he’d have…

  • Savor - Umbrellas



    A few weeks ago I went to the restaurant,  Savor, and I wanted to share a few pictures and my thoughts! I went on a really comfortable evening weather-wise so my friends and I were able to sit outside. I love being able to sit outside but it’s always tricky in the summer because if it’s really hot you’d rather be in the air conditioning. Luckily, it was nice that evening. The restaurant is right on Main St. in Somerville, NJ so the outdoor dining has a nice sidewalk cafe feel to it with it’s large, orange umbrellas. The ambience was definitely nice. Now onto the food. For my appetizer, I…

  • Turning Point - Tropical Crunch Waffle


    Breakfast @ Turning Point

    A few weeks ago I finally went to Turning Point for breakfast. There are a few locations in NJ, one of which is about 20-25 minutes from me and I’d been meaning to go for a while but never got around to it. Anyway, I finally went and I can see why it’s a popular breakfast spot! They are only open from 8am – 3pm since they do specialize in breakfast foods. I was in the mood for a waffle when I went and this Tropical Crunch Waffle was the perfect serving size. It’s 1 waffle topped with fresh bananas, strawberries, mango, and granola. On the side they give you syrup…

  • Roosterspin


    Restaurant Review: Roosterspin

    A little while ago I wrote about my dinner at Inspiration Roll and while I was there, my friend had mentioned that there was a place nearby with a Korean fusion menu including Korean chicken wings. Obviously, we had to make plans to go there! So a few weeks ago we went out for the afternoon (video to come) but before our day out in the sunshine we went to lunch at Roosterspin. First of all, the restaurant is so cool inside and I love the whole feel and ambience of the place. The restaurant features a bar, dark wood tables and furniture, lit up jars, and a wall of records. A record…

  • Pho Main Street - Pho Tai, Nam, Gau


    Pho Main Street

    Today I’ve got a bit of a different restaurant post for you as it’s going to be based on two separate trips instead of one. Pho Main Street is a vietnamese restaurant not far from me and it’s on Main Street, naturally. Both times I’ve ben there I got an order of spring rolls for an appetizer. They are tasty and not too greasy, which is always a plus. It is served on some large leaves of lettuce and pickled carrots and turnips, which I love. Last time I went to the restaurant it was a pretty warm day so I wasn’t really in the mood for soup. I got the…