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Fromage Grillé

A few months ago my friend and I were looking up some restaurants to check out – not necessarily new restaurants but at least new to us. I saw that there was a grilled cheese restaurant in a town not too far away and I wanted to check it out right away! A whole restaurant devoted to grilled cheese?! But the cute little restaurant is only open 11am-4pm Monday-Saturday and closed on Sundays, so we weren’t able to check it out until recently.

I love that the restaurant is called Fromage Grillé – literally “grilled cheese” in french. The place is small, but cute and the staff was so helpful and friendly when my friend and I were trying to decide what to get. I’m not sure if the man who helped us was the owner or not, but he was really nice and I’m assuming it’s a small family owned business. Just the week before I saw on their website that they were closed the week of July 4th for vacation, which also makes me think it’s a family owned business. Anyway, let’s get to what I got!

I decided to get a salad and a sandwich. I got the Salade Francaise, which is mixed greens with french vinaigrette topped with brie. For my grilled cheese I got the #7 – Chevre, which is goat cheese, arugula, and fig chutney. The salad was good – I love vinaigrettes and brie! The sandwich was so creamy, but not heavy and the fig chutney was a really nice sweet addition to the sandwich.

Fromage GrilleFromage Grille 1Fromage Grille - Salade FrancaiseFromage Grille - Salade Francaise 1Fromage Grille - Chevre 1Fromage Grille - Chevre

I definitely plan to go back and try another sandwich! Are you a fan of grilled cheese?

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