Shrimp Foil Packet

Shrimp Foil Packets

Have you made anything in foil packets? They’re so easy to put together and they make for easy clean up! A year or two ago I saw them make a foil or parchment paper packet (I forget which or maybe they did both) on The Kitchen and it gave me the idea to make them more often myself. The possibilities of what you can make are endless. I’ve done fish and shrimp, but I’m sure you could do non-seafood meat as well.

For this one I used shrimp, sugar snap peas, potato, zucchini and tomatoes. Since potatoes take a lot longer to cook than everything else I cook that first and cut it into cubes. I defrost and clean the shrimp and then put it into a piece of foil that is big enough to fold in to a packet. I top it with diced tomatoes, sugar snap peas, chunks of zucchini, the cubed potatoes, and I season it with Johnny Seasoning. Johnny Seasoning is a seasoning salt that my parents have gotten from Amazon. We first tasted and heard of Johnny Seasoning when we were on a family trip to Alaska.

Fold the packets up and put them on the grill (or oven) and cook until the shrimp is done and you’re all done!

Raw ShrimpCubed PotatoesDiced TomatoesSugar Snap PeasSeasoned Raw ShrimpShrimp Foil PacketShrimp Foil Packet 2Shrimp Foil Packet 3Shrimp Foil Packet 4Shrimp Foil Packet 5

You can eat it right out of the foil if you want and save yourself the dishes!

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