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Packing and unpacking when you move is a pain, but the upside is that when you get to your new place you can re-organize, make a new system, and start over with how you want to organize your clothes and accessories. I debated whether to write this post, even though I had said I would write a closet organization post, for fear that it would be super boring. But, I decided there might be someone out there who would find it interesting to see how I organized my clothes.

First things first – I know I have a lot of clothes. I’ve always had a lot of clothes even before blogging. I can’t help it – I love clothes! I’m not hoarding clothes either (well I personally don’t think I am). I donate large bags (large garbage bags) of clothes 1-2 times a year and I sell on Poshmark as well. Click on the link if you want to check out the clothes I have for sale from my closet! Despite picking apart my closet when I moved and donating 2 large garbage bags of clothes, I still have a lot. I plan to cull through again now that I’m moved in and get rid of a few more pieces that I’m not crazy about any more.

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let me go through my clothing organization. My bedroom has 2 closets. Now my old room had only 1 closet but it was bigger – it ran deep to the right and left of the sliding closet doors so it held a lot more. These closet walls are flush with the closet doors. I also had a large chest of drawers (in addition to a dresser) in my room to hold all my thick sweaters, scarves, pajamas etc.

So actually I don’t have 2 full closets now because the previous owners left this shelving unit in one of the closets so it takes up half the closet. I am using it for all my thick sweaters and I have a lot of sweaters. It’s what happens when you live in the northeast! You have to have cute sweaters! I know this looks like a lot of sweaters and it is, but I’d like to add that sweaters are thick so they take up a lot of space!

Closet Shelf 1Closet Shelf

All my dresses, rompers, jumpsuits, cardigans (I also have a ton of these), skirts, work pants, and blouses are hung up in the closets. All of the long items are in my closet where the folded sweaters are. All the shorter items are in the other closet because I have plastic drawers in the bottom of that closet that has my shorts, camisoles, bathing suits, etc.

Closet Organization 5

What has really saved me in this whole process is The Container Store. To maximize my space in my closet I have gotten hangers for my skirts and pants that can hang multiple items on each hanger. The skirts hang on clips and the pants on metal rods that are removable on one side to make it easy to put the items on the hanger and take them off. Why are these hangers absolutely essential to save space? When I fold over my skirts and pants on hangers they take up so much room. At most I can fold over 2 items on a normal hanger. Also, thick skirts when folded over a hanger just makes it even bulkier and take up more space on the closet rod. These hangers help your items lay so much flatter so you save space!!

Closet OrganizationPant HangerCloset Organization 2Skirt HangerSkirt Hanger 1

So much better, right?!

Okay, next on the top shelf of my half closet, I have folded some sweatshirts and holiday sweaters. On the top of my other closet I have folded jeans and other pants that aren’t dress pants. These can definitely be consolidated more by making the piles higher so I can store more things. For now I just have 2-3 pairs in each stack just because I had the room to spread them out.

Closet Organization 1Closet Organization 3Closet Organization 4

In my semainier, I have my undergarments, socks, pajamas, work out wear, sweat pants/yoga pants, etc. In my dresser I have all the clothes that didn’t need to be hung up so tees, tank tops, lightweight tops.



I wrote about this when I talked about my bed, but I bought a under-the-bed shoe organizer from The Container Store. I don’t have an updated photo of that – nor did I fill it with all my flats, sandals, and slip-ons yet (boots and heels won’t fit in it) – but here’s a photo to give you an idea.

Under Bed Shoe Organizer

In my nightstand, there is a jewelry organizer tray that came with the nightstand. I haven’t unpacked jewelry yet but my fun, costume jewelry will go in there as well as in a jewelry organizer that came in my dresser that I took out and put on top of my dresser. I have a large jewelry box too and a watch box that I plan to put on top of my dresser. My TV is mounted on the wall so I have room on top of my dresser. Since my nightstand has 2 drawers I have started putting my purses in there as well.

Buttler Vanity Set

The last bedroom item I’ve gotten from The Container Store (so far) is this flexible basket that I put my scarves in. The basket is a pretty decent size and it just fits all my scarves. Blanket scarves are thick!

BasketScarf Basket

The last clothing organization item to share is my garment rack. I got this from Amazon and I love it! On the rack, there are two small racks on the bottom for shoes which I plan to put some of the shoes that won’t fit in my under-the-bed storage and also shoes that I wear to work all the time. On the rack I hang up items I plan to wear that week so it’s all hung up to either be ironed or is already ironed. On the sides I have draped over pants or other little things that I’ve been wearing. You know things like sweatpants or shorts that you want to wear a few times before washing. I don’t like putting worn items back in my closet or drawers with the clean clothes.

Garment Rack 1Garment Rack

So that’s how I have organized my clothes and accessories so far! I’m sure I’ll be making a few more trips to The Container Store to get more storage items or other things to help me save space.

If you take anything from this post I hope it’s that you need those skirt and pant hangers in your life!

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