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February 2018 Favorites

Another month done, can you believe it? It’s crazy to think it’s already going to be March tomorrow. I only have a few favorites this month, so let’s get started!

First up, this southwest blanket shawl that I got fall 2016. I first wrote about it in this post where it kept me cozy by the firepit. This month has had mild, even very warm days, and some cold, typical winter days. Regardless, I’m always chilly inside the house so this big blanket shawl has been so nice to cozy up in when I’m home on the weekends or after work. It’s so big that I can basically wrap it around me on the couch like my own personal blanket wrapped around me.

Southwest Shawl

Next up, I got this watch box for Christmas and I seriously love it. I asked for a watch box because, if you know me, you know I love watches. I wear one to work every day and on the rare occasion that I forget to put one on I feel lost all day. It keeps my watches neatly organized so I don’t have to find room for them in my jewelry box. I also love that this one has a glass top so I can look in. It just makes it prettier too! There’s still room for more watches which should hold me over for quite a few years to come!

Watch BoxWatch Box 1

Another favorite of mine this month were the Savanna Orchards Gourmet Honey Roasted Mixed Nuts that I got from Costco. They are such a yummy snack and addictive!

Honey Rosted Mixed Nuts

Do you follow Carly the Prepster on social media or her blog? She wrote a blog post all about blogging tips this month and I really loved her post. It really resonated with me. You’ll have to read it yourself to really get the most out of it, obviously, but it really helped me refocus which is something I really needed to do in terms of my blog. In short, I became so much more focused and involved on Instagram because I liked sharing photos from my daily blog posts and getting that instant gratification of likes and comments. It was also easier for me to grow on that platform than here on the blog. But, as many of you have probably heard or experienced, Instagram’s ever changing algorithm has made it hard to get the same kind of engagement as I used to. It’s been frustrating, but I needed to remind myself that my real purpose doing all these things was to promote my blog. My blog was supposed to be the key focus here and the rest were supplemental areas. So I’ve started to refocus my efforts here and work on promoting this site itself and not so much my other social media handles. See Carly’s post (here)

And my last favorite of the month is my song of the month. I don’t think I’ve shared a favorite song in a while. As usual, I had multiple songs I really loved this month and had on repeat, but the one that has lasted the longest I suppose is Bebe Rexha’s “Meant to Be” featuring Florida Georgia Line. Do you guys love it too?

That’s my roundup for this month’s favorites! Not mentioned here is the BBG program which I’m on Day 11 of and loving, but I’m saving that for its own post when I do a 1 month check in! What are some things you loved?

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