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Happy Friday! It’s my first day of winter break and it could not have come at a better time. I was just about to reach my limit before complete burn out. This week and a half I have off for break is probably going to fly by as usual, but I’m hoping I can carve out some much needed relaxation. It’s going to be pretty busy with Christmas and a short little trip – don’t worry I will be taking you along with me next week!

In the meantime, today’s post was originally meant to be a round up of some Christmas songs – both old and more current – that I’m loving this holiday season. The last time I posted a Christmas song list was a few years ago and I thought it was a good time to post an updated version. I actually had a running list going in my drafts, but then I changed my mind.


So what happened? I don’t remember what exactly prompted this, but all of a sudden last week I was listening to Christmas music in the car and something made me think of the Hanson Christmas album, “Snowed In”. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was on Spotify and I’ve been listening to it since!

Flashback [Friday] – when I was a pre-teen I loved Hanson. A few friends and me loved them just like most girls our age in the late 90s. My love for them lasted a few years before I moved on to my hardcore love for NSYNC and Justin Timberlake. But before the years of my voting for NSYNC on TRL and wanting to marry Justin Timberlake, I loved Hanson and wanted to marry Taylor Hanson. I saw them in concert, had their posters, played their music all the time. Later on in my teen years I was a bit embarrassed by the fact that I used to be a fan and I didn’t really talk about it. But revisiting their Christmas album made me want to write about it today. Partly because I think their Christmas album is actually really good and underrated and because in this age of being our true/authentic selves we should embrace our pasts and not be embarrassed by them right?

Hanson - Snowed In

A few of my favorites they covered in the album are “Merry Christmas Baby”, “Little Saint Nick”, “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”, and “Silent Night Medley”.

If you used to be or are still a fan of Hanson (they still make music) I really recommend giving “Snowed In” a listen to reminisce this Christmas!

Are there any artists or groups that you used to love and forgot about?

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