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I love collecting mugs, but sadly I have to be selective with them since I don’t have that much room to store them all! Since Christmas mugs are basically the best mugs, I thought I’d share mine. I had this idea a few weeks ago so whenever I was drinking out of a Christmas mug I would take a photo so that I could put this post together.

Some you may have seen on here before because they’re not new. The first three mugs I’m sharing are from Williams-Sonoma and are not new. I believe they sell these every Christmas because I’ve seen them in-store and in the catalogs. They are so classic with their old-school Christmas prints and scroll designs. I have the Santa and his sleigh pulled by reindeer, Christmas tree, and nutcrackers. I think there’s one of just Santa too and that’s the one I’m missing.

My new mugs this year are two from Anthropologie and one from Etsy. The two from Anthropologie aren’t outrightly Christmas ones but I think they can work for Christmas. First is the Stag mug which I think is so unique, fun, and adorable. The antlers are the mug handles! The swan is also super unique and cute with the neck being the handle and the gold wings sticking out. And lastly, my Hallmark Christmas mug from Etsy. There are a lot of similar mugs and also blankets, shirts, etc.

Santa & Reindeer Mug 1Santa & Reindeer MugChristmas Tree Mug 1Christmas Tree MugNutcracker Mug 1Nutcracker MugStag Mug 1Stag MugSwan MugSwan Mug 1

Hallmark Christmas Movie Mug

I’m sure I have some other Christmas mugs from over the years, especially kiddie ones, but these are the ones that I use often. I wish I had more room to store more because I’m always seeing so many cute ones!

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  • TheMakeupCase17

    I have 2 Christmas mugs. One I got at the dollar store. The other is a cute Mickey Mouse one I got at Walt Disney World a few weeks ago. Most of my mugs are Disney/theme park related. But I also have a Doctor Who mug my boyfriend got me for Christmas one year. 😂

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