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This post has been a long time coming. I bought this bookcase and had it delivered back in January, but it’s taken me a while to get it looking the way I want. I’m probably still not done messing with it, but it’s “done” enough that I can finally share!

So I knew I needed a bookcase in my living room for various items – vases, extra candles, a few dvds, and books. I have a lot of books – a lot of which I have left at my parents’ house – but I’m constantly getting more books. Whether I’m being gifted them for review purposes or buying them myself, I don’t think I go more than 2 weeks without a book in the mail. This bookcase with its cool geometric shelves is so modern looking, but still completely functional.

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My bookcase is by Coaster and I got it from Value City Furniture – a chain in the NJ/NY area. I’ve gotten multiple pieces of furniture from them before and I love them. The people are always super friendly, but not pushy, the quality of their furniture is great without absurd prices, and the best part – free delivery! This bookcase actually wasn’t available in-store so I ordered it online.

I mentioned above all the things I filled it with. Vases and candle holders that I’ve had for a while and more. You may notice that I don’t have a ton of room for books on the shelves since I’ve used up so much room for other things. I do have a small bookcase in my bedroom (a low, 2 shelf one) and I’m planning to get another bookcase to either put in my hallway or on the other side of my TV, but I haven’t decided on what exactly to get. It’s just that I have so many books with more to come that I definitely will need more space.

One option is to get the same exact bookcase to mirror the one I have and place it on the other side of the TV. I think it would look perfect to have a matching bookcase, but I’m afraid the room will look too cluttered. Another option is getting a more narrow bookcase – not the exact same style as the one I have, but similar and it’s from the same brand. That would offer me more book storage space, but not take up as much room. And my final option is to get a low bookcase, maybe a cube style one, for my hallway. I’ll let you guys know what I decide to get!

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