Crown Molding – Adding an Elegant Touch

When it comes to upgrades, the bigger, bolder, and better is usually what homeowners gravitate towards. However, when they are presented with the challenges of updating their home, they usually focus on the furniture, decor and paint colors instead of another component. Crown Molding is the underdog in home design and often overlooked by many of us wanting to improve our home’s appearance and value. While giving the rooms in your home a fresh coat of paint is not to be turned away from, adding crown molding is an even more impactful way to really give them a fresh face. It gives the room a more expensive look rather than just adding a piece of furniture to it. 

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Why is crown modeling beneficial to add to your home you might wonder? I have a few reasons below that may change your mind after you read about it. 

  1. Curb Appeal – Contrary to the outside welcoming feel your home may have to your guests looking from the outside in, you also want your home to have that same wow factor when they come inside. Crown modeling offers that to your family, friends and guests. It truly takes any room from drab to fab with clean lines and multidimensional design. It’s a statement piece that is not too distracting to the naked eye and unique to give your kitchen, master bedroom or dining room that distinguished look you are going for. For instance, if you have a fireplace in your master bedroom, you’ll want to add crown modeling to highlight that main feature. It also doesn’t have to be your one stop shop for your ceiling but can add give an elegant touch to the top of kitchen cabinets in your home. It acts as a supporting role but with power behind it.
  2. Enhances Value To Your Home – Having crown modeling throughout your home isn’t just to make the room look more put together but also give it that upscale appearance. This really can play an important role if you are ever thinking of putting your home on the market to enhance prospective buyers who may come to look at it. When buyers look through your home, to them, crown modeling is the proof that small details are essential and can make a bigger impact to them wanting to put an offer in. You can add crown modeling just about everywhere but it truly create a stunning visual when it’s throughout the entire kitchen both on the ceiling and around your baseboards.
  3. Range of Styles – While there are many crown molding decorating to help give your home a look that is classy and elegant you can also benefit from having these in your home if your taste is more modern as well. My suggestion would be to experiment with various styles in different rooms of your home and play around with color to create the look you want. Install different types of crown modeling from your mantel to bookshelves, kitchen cabinets and baseboards. The particular types run from wood to plaster and rubber to simple peel and stick. In short, you can’t go wrong with whatever type of crown modeling you choose because it’ll only enhance the beauty of your home from within. 

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Image: C Mac Construction

Now the biggest question of all. How to find someone to properly install the crown modeling once you decide on what you want. If you live in the New Jersey area, there is one company you don’t not want to miss out on. C Mac Contracting offer a wide variety of services including wood crown molding, kitchen remodeling, basement remodeling, bathroom and interior services as well. C Mac Contracting’s services in Monmouth County and Ocean County are extremely meticulous in attention to detail. They ensure that the molding is measured, installed and finished with the utmost greatest care to not only enhance your home with a beautiful touch of class. They know how important crown molding can be to the visual appeal and overall ambience of your home and their custom carpentry and interior modeling experts do the job on the highest of standards which also save you time and the hassle of avoiding making an expensive mistake. Everyone is highly skilled and experienced in this particular installation as well as take true pride in their work. They are always achieving outstanding results and delight in their customers. So why this particular business? They offer you a high reputation, commitment to their customers, honesty, diligence and carpentry expertise that you can’t find anywhere else. Reach out to them to get your crown modeling or any other services taken care of ease under your belt and mind. 

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