Five Ways to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

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One of the unexpected benefits to staying at home a lot more, is the time and ability to finally enjoy your personal outdoor space – if you’re lucky enough to have one of course! Those of us with gardens, however small, are appreciating them more than ever. However, if you usually work full time, your garden can become the first area in your home to be neglected. They often require much more upkeep than most people have the time for, and without care can become overgrown, stressful and full of weeds. Well, now is the perfect time to think about a few upgrades, so you can enjoy your garden now and in the future. Below are some tips to get you started, and help you design the perfect outdoor space!

  1. Hardy plants

For a garden that gives you that perfect space for relaxation without taking too much time, the best thing you can do is buy and situate some plants that don’t require huge amounts of care. Avoid plants which might blossom in the summer, but die back in the winter, leaving your garden looking bare and depressing for half the year. Instead, go for perennials and evergreens which keep their foliage through the colder months, so you’ll never lose that pop of colour! 

  1. Moss

If you have a grassy area, and mowing the lawn every few days feels like too much effort, consider investing in the installation of a moss lawn. Growing in popularity, and influenced by Japanese design, moss absorbs more carbon than grass, requires far less upkeep, and gives you a gorgeously vibrant, springy surface to sink your toes into.

  1. Pergola

In a slightly large outdoor space, you should seriously consider getting a pergola! These structures are brilliant for shade, separating space, and giving you an area to place tables and chairs if you want that outdoor dining experience without the risk of sunburn – or sudden showers. Pergolas come in all different shapes and sizes so there’s something for everyone, and you can even plant winding ivy to grow up through its slats for that extra-natural look.

  1. Patio

The garden feature which requires the least amount of consistent upkeep is without doubt the patio. A flat, stylish area for sitting, sunbathing and barbecues, which doesn’t require weeding or mowing  – what’s not to love? Installing your own patio might be a daunting prospect, but don’t worry, you can hire a patio contractor to do the whole thing for you while you relax inside. Then, come out to enjoy a completely changed space with minimal effort required!

  1. Water feature

The most sure-fire way to have your garden looking like a million dollars is to install a water feature. Now, this might seem an involved process, but don’t worry – you don’t have to dig a pond, or build an entire stream. Instead, consider smaller statement options that can stand alone and add character to your entire garden, plus give you that wonderfully calming sound of burbling water. If you prefer your water feature to have a practical use, you could even consider a personal jacuzzi – and take your garden from zero to hero in a way that will mean you’ll never go inside again.

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