Fun Garden Upgrades For Summer


The garden is as much of a room in the house as every other room, but it is often overlooked on a design front. If you want a new home project to complete during the spring, some garden upgrades wouldn’t go amiss and they could really liven up the space for you. 

Today we are going to take a look at some of the most fun garden upgrades you can perform to make the space beautiful and a fun place to be during those summer months. 


Upgrade the patio
The first thing you can do to make the garden feel brand new is install a new patio. Whether you use stones or wooden decking with a protective wood treatment for decks it can make the whole space feel modern and new. A patio can be the ideal place to add a table and chairs for family time during the summer. 


Lighting is a big thing in every part of the house and the garden is no exception. To create a more magical space in your garden you could consider installing solar powered lanterns in your flower beds as well as a motion sensing light outside the back door. 


A herb garden
If you enjoy cooking up a storm in the kitchen as well as in the garden during those summer months, one great feature to have is a herb garden. Use a wooden through or something similar to create a raised bed to house things such as thyme, rosemary, oregano and sage. These will all be useful when you are cooking and they will provide a lovely sight and smell in the garden. 


An outdoor bar
If you are feeling fancy and a little adventurous this year, one of the most fun projects of all to do in the garden is install an outdoor bar. You can create a gazebo style bar with stools in your garden where the adults can come at the end of the day for ac cold beer in the sun. It is ideal for those of you who love to host a bash! 


Pizza oven
If you love to cook meals for your family and friends during the summer and you love pizza…why not build a pizza oven in your garden? This would be the ideal way to spend parties and it can be a real statement piece to impress your family and friends with this year. 


Garden Pond
For those of you who love wildlife and want to see more in your garden this year, a garden pond can be the best thing you bring into the space. A pond can house many different creatures and plant life and it will attract many animals to your garden. Once you install a pond in your garden you can obtain some frog spawn and pond snails and get a little ecosystem going! Soon you’ll have plenty of animals and pond life thriving in your garden and it will be an amazing sight to see. 

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