Snowy Tree

#fbf Snowy Tree

I wrote yesterday about how I’m hoping for at least one snow day before winter’s over. It’s been an unusually quiet winter and while winters that have constant snow storms gets annoying and tiring, it’s also so weird to not have any snow! We had snow twice I think this season but both times it was very little and pretty much gone the next day. I just need a dose of winter prettiness and not just cold, bleak winter days. And a snow day from work wouldn’t hurt either!

So for my Flashback Friday, I’m throwing it back to 2 years ago when we had a snow storm and the snow was so wet and heavy that the tree in my parents front yard was literally bending from the weight. Look at how heavy those branches look!

Snowy Tree

The branches are literally drooping down to the ground they were so heavy! I’m not saying I need that much snow, but something that gets me a day off please!

Also, this photo was taken in March 2018, which means there’s still hope for a little bit of snow this season!

Has it been a snowy winter where you are?

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