Why Upgrading Your Flooring Is Important

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When it comes to your flooring, do you have all your questions answered as far as comparing and contrasting various woods, cost and installation? You might also be thinking of what rooms or room you want to add flooring to help upgrade your kitchen or your bathroom. There are several businesses that can help answer these questions and more and one local to the New Jersey area is called Selecta Flooring. While it may seem overwhelming, don’t worry because you have someone there to help you with all your questions, concerns and needs. It may be tempting to choose someone from a chain installer when you are looking to either upgrade or put in your favorite hardwood floors but choosing a family owned company may be your best choice when it comes to service, quality and pricing. 


The friendly staff at Selecta Flooring are up to date with the latest building codes and they know the correct wood and finishes to make your home pop, especially within your unique climate. Like many people, the company is aware that you want an affordable price with a professional service so they treat you as if you were family. They service all of New Jersey and operate out of Union Country and as one of the premier installation, refinishing and sanding companies, they also provide individual service of a local shop with the expertise and knowledge of what you would expect of a chain distributor. They also offer a variety of high quality wood floors that they know you’ll fall in love with including laminate, hardwood as well as staining or finishing existing wood that you may have in your home. 

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For instance, if you’re looking to upgrade your home to hardwood flooring, you might become a bit confused about what the hardwood flooring grade means. There is no universal grading system for hardwood floors which means that many manufacturers will create their own terms to describe the floors. They grade on look and character, stating differences in color, grain, length and patterns. Pre-Finished Hardwood Grades include various ones such as clear grade with has a few variations of color, pattern or length. This is the best grade for hardwood. Others include slightly more variations of color, length and patterns. There is also a cabin which has a more rustic appeal with unfilled knots and pinholes. 


If you are in the market to put laminate floors in your bathroom or throughout your house because you have several kids and pets that run around, this is your best bet. These specific floors are known to be low maintenance as well as easy to clean. A light mopping or quick sweeping is all it takes to maintain these floors and use a solution of vinegar and water to mop perfect to keep bacteria and mold away. 


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Concerns about the installation process? Not to worry because Scott McDarby and his partner Michael Shults are several years of experience to help answer your questions! Scott gained interest in making homes look beautiful and took his knowledge from the home improvement store and began working in the hardwood flooring business as a Job Site Manager. He work took notice of several television shows including renovating Michael Strahan’s dressing room for Live! With Kelly and Michael. His partner Michael earned his International Business Degree from Brigham Young University in Hawaii. During his time as a tree propagator, he was responsible for producing more than 100,000 rare and eotic trees for the state of Hawaii. Once he returned from Hawaii, he started working as president for a local wood flooring company and skyrocketed sales with his high quality work. He also entered into a partnership with Scott and together they created Selecta Flooring. 


If you’re looking for a company that gives you a great price, quality service and answers your concerns or needs, then you want to help and knowledge from Selecta Flooring. Whether you are installing vinyl flooring in your basement, hardwood in your kitchen, carpet in your living room or a new gym floor for your outdoor court, the staff will help you with anything you need. Trust me when I say you can’t go wrong with any type of flooring if it helps the improvement and overall comfort and value of your home for years to come. Have you installed any of these types of floors in your home? How has it helped or did you have any concerns overall? Leave a few comments below to share your story! 

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