Cavity Wall Insulation Problems


Poor cavity wall insulation practices lead to one of the worst cavity wall insulation problems: condensation. When your property suffers from condensation, you are also susceptible to dampness and mold. 

If you are seeing any signs of this in your home after you’ve had insulation work done, you should call in a general contractor right away. One of the reasons why your home suffers from condensation could be that the cavity wall insulation was placed in the wrong areas. Although the purpose of insulating your home is to stop hot air from escaping and cold air from coming in, the cavity wall insulation should not completely inhibit air ventilation. For instance, the floor has some air bricks that need to work efficiently in order to protect your property from damp. However, if your insulation has blocked the air ventilation and your property is on damp ground (or in a generally damp environment) you increase your chances of dampness and decay. 

If you are facing this problem in your property, you have to act immediately by asking in an expert that can correct the mistakes with your initial insulation. For this, cavity wall insulation damp is a clear sign of having cavity wall insulation problems condensation. However, why should you have to pay again to fix an insulation that you’ve already completed and covered the expenses for? That’s why the first step you should take, before spending any more money on your property, is to check your eligibility for an insulation claim. 

Should You Fix The Problem Yourself Or Contact A Cavity Claim Expert?
There are pros and cons with cavity wall insulation, and dampness is one of the main disadvantages. This can lead to mold and decay that only usually comes to the surface after serious damage has incurred. So what should you do when you face problems with cavity wall insulation? Should you fix the problem yourself or contact a cavity claim expert? 

If you choose to fix the problem yourself, you need to first be prepared to cover the expense entirely. You will need to call in an expert to uncover the walls and look for damage that the cavity wall insulation has caused, and then agree on how to repair it and how much it will cost. However, if you opt to check your eligibility to make a claim on your current wall insulation, you would not only save yourself the expense, but actually get compensated for the damage to your property. 

Since problems with insulation could create ‘silent’ damage to your property and come to the surface when it’s too late, this will affect your comfort, your health, and also decrease the value of your property. This is why fixing it yourself might not be the best solution. A cavity claim UK expert can help you asses the quality and impact of your cavity wall insulation and guide you on the best course of action to fix the problem without causing any more damage to your property or paying high costs for new insulation.

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