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Photo Challenge: Wall

The weekly photo challenge from The Daily Post was “Wall” and I realized I don’t really have many pictures of walls. Or at least, none that I found to be too interesting or artistic looking. Digging into your archives can be a bit overwhelming and tedious unless you already have something in mind or a vague idea of what you’re searching for, so suffice it to say I didn’t have the patience to sit and sort through all my photos.

Of the little bit of searching I did, this is the photo that I came across that I liked the best to represent “wall”.

This was taken two years ago in Amsterdam when I was just walking around a street market with all different stalls. The Netherlands are known for their beautiful flowers especially their tulips. Unfortunately, when I was there I didn’t get to see the tulip fields because it wasn’t the right season, but the markets were still full of flowers. This particular stall had flowers arranged by color in baskets that were mounted to a wooden fence-like wall. I can’t remember if these particular flowers were real or fake, but either way the colors of these flowers are so vibrant and out of this world gorgeous!

This photo challenge definitely made me realize that I want to pay more attention to detail when taking pictures. For example, instead of just a touristy shot of an old building, maybe take more focused pictures of just a part of the architecture or zoomed in to a part that looks interesting or has an unconventional beauty to it. And of course, the touristy picture of the entire building will still be taken too!

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